2016 Spring Campaign

If you are like me, you really enjoy missionary and ministry updates. I heard a missionary update at our home church this past Sunday, and it was great!

So here is an update on the 2015 Winter Campaign. We informed you that we needed $35,000 to meet income to expenses. God used you, His people, called by His name, to help us end the year within $69.00 of income to expenses! Wow, that’s as close as it gets! A hearty, “PRAISE THE LORD!” and a warm, “THANK YOU!” is in order!

I recently met a couple from California. They are wonderful Christian folks with a heart for missions. Over the past year they have become faithful financial partners to Baptist Church Planters. Something the husband said to me one day left a really big impression on me. He said, “I love what BCP is doing, and I want to tell others about the work of BCP.” Would you prayerfully consider sharing the needs of BCP with others? Invite a friend over for dinner, and when you pray for your meal, remember BCP and the needs of this campaign? You could even point them to our website www.bcpusa.org.

Will you share this campaign with your Christian friends?

There’s nothing like spring. It is in the air, and the flowers are coming up, grass is growing and the trees are budding. There are signs of life everywhere we look. Yet, the impact of winter is showing up as well. ‘Old man Winter’ has left his mark! Our next request is concerning two major spots in our concrete parking lot that need fixing. Last year we began this project in our Summer Campaign. We have been saving and budgeting for this project, and we need a little boost to get it done.

We need $4,000 to finish this up.

The third item is that the Administration has asked Eric Wilmeth to serve churches and missionaries here at the Service Center as an Operations’ Manager. Eric and Amy have been with BCP since 2004 as church planters. Amy has been struggling with breast cancer for nearly five years, but they are willing to be obedient to the Lord’s call and move from Omaha to Grafton in July 2016 with their four children. God put all of this together early this year. So we need to move them from Omaha and set up an office. This was not in the budget. We need your help.

The need is $7,500 to move them and get Eric’s office up and running!

The last request concerns where I began this letter. Historically we try to catch up in November or December, but we do not want to wait that long this year to catch up our income to expenses. All non-designated funds in this campaign will go toward the ongoing needs within our budget. Our Vice President and Financial Officer, David Whipple, reports that we are in better shape this year than last year but that income is currently under expenses.

Will you help meet this need of $6,000 for the first two quarters?

I wish I could tell you all the stories of God’s amazing grace in the lives of new babies in Christ in our church plants, but time and space does not allow. Please visit our website for some of these stories. Someday in heaven our Lord will make it all clear and show us the impact of our giving to His work.

We are thankful and humbled that you would entrust us with this stewardship!

Sincerely for church planting,
Stephen Little, President