2017 End-of-Year Campaign

Dear Partners:

Recently I have been thinking about the “domino effect.”  While traveling with my wife Becky, we were discussing how God has moved in the heart of churches and individuals to give to particular needs.  Over the course of time, their response to the original need resulted in a domino effect.  This is also illustrated by the Apostle Paul in the book of Philippians. The church sent aid to Paul (original need) by the hands of Epaphroditus because of Paul’s imprisonment.  But Paul says in Philippians 1:12 “that the things which happened to me (imprisonment) have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel.”   A domino effect!






To illustrate this in modern situations, I will use a dear lady by the name of Marie.  Over twenty years ago, Marie entrusted a sum of money into my care for church planting.  I remember her telling me, “Steve, use this money for church planting, and after I am with the Lord, you decide where it should go when you are done with it.”  Over the years that money has been invested in church plants as 0% loans to get church planting projects done.  The church plants faithfully repaid the loans, so it could be invested again and again.  Before Marie passed away, I remember her telling me, “That was the best investment I ever made!”

When I transitioned from church planter to the presidency in 2014, the money was sitting in an account waiting for the next investment on Marie’s behalf.  Last year it became evident to both Becky and me that God was moving once again to invest the money, this time not as a loan but into people who would make a difference for the long term of missions in the USA.  The money is making a huge difference for the cause of church planting in America!  Marie’s original investment is having a domino effect, and the eternal impact of her investment far exceeds the original intent.  I don’t know if the Lord allows Marie to get a glimpse of what is happening with her investment, but if He allows her to see it, I know she is smiling from Heaven and saying the same thing she said to me years ago, “That was the best investment I ever made!”

I could tell you story after story, like Marie’s, of people who have invested their lives, their talents, their money, their strength and for some, even their last will and testament into missions through BCP.  Each investment has had an impact in ways they may never know.

There are many things that the Administration at BCP would like to do to help churches and the missionaries they send to plant or revitalize churches in the USA.  We simply need people to give with the expectation of the domino effect!

We want to end 2017 in the black.  The greatest number of contributions to the general fund are given during the last quarter of our fiscal year. This has been true for several years. God has proven Himself faithful, and we expect Him to meet our needs. You are a vital part of that provision.

The year-end campaign has always been a reminder that God uses people like you to provide the needs of Baptist Church Planters.  Every investment made in the overall ministry has a domino effect of pressing the Gospel forward as needs are met.

Sincerely for church planting,

Stephen P. Little, President

2017 End-of-Year Campaign