2017 Spring Campaign

It is spring, and that means everything is budding, grass is growing like crazy, and planting season is around the corner! I have been getting my lawn mower and rototiller repaired and updated for the coming seasonal work.  As a former farmer, I know the importance of updating equipment for the season ahead. Updating is just a part of life!  Things that worked twenty years ago don’t work today or are not as efficient as current technologies.  Praise the Lord I don’t cut my grass with a push rotary mower!

Recently a friend of mine shared a Heinz Ketchup analogy to this concept of updating. He said, “The product is the same at Heinz; it’s the delivery that has changed!” Heinz has not changed its ketchup, but the delivery bottle has changed drastically over the past twenty years.  This describes the gospel ministry.  We cannot improve upon the gospel, but we can and must improve or update the process of delivery.

In April four men from our staff were “planting seeds” into the hearts of several pastors in the state of Pennsylvania. We were planting seeds of hope, encouragement, outreach ideas, discipleship process and much more.  Our purpose was to help the pastors and churches revitalize their ministries to make more and better disciples.  Helping pastors and churches update their ministry process with new ideas is part of what we do.

Our Spring Campaign is focused on some other important updates in our ministry:

Computer Updates: Our office is in need of new computers and monitors. It is just a part of life!  You may ask why BCP doesn’t budget for this. We do, but last year we ended the year nearly $20,000 short in income to expenses.  Therefore, we are asking God to raise up partners to help us meet this very important need. We need $5,000 to update office equipment.



Kitchen Updates: This past March we hosted our missionary Leadership Summit. Almost all of the missionaries were at BCP for this conference. In the middle of the Summit, we had a refrigerator/freezer quit on us.  A new refrigerator and freezer will cost about $1,000.  This we did not expect or plan for in the 2017 budget.  You know how important these items are when it comes to preparing for large groups.  We are asking God to meet this need!

General Expenses Update: We are asking God to give us the financial freedom to help churches and missionaries fulfill the Great Commission in America. Operating expenses are not glamorous, but they are very necessary.  Will you partner with us to reach a $10,000 goal for general expenses?

Our total campaign is $16,000. Over the next 30 days will you give to the campaign? You can watch the progress on our homepage at www.BCPUSA.org.

We are humbled that you would entrust us with this stewardship!

Sincerely for church planting,

Stephen Little, President



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2017 Spring Campaign