2018 Spring Campaign

Dear Partner,

Years ago I preached a short series on “Faithfulness in the Mundane.” It was a message about property owners in the Bible and the stewardship that comes with it. I was reminded of this message while Becky and I were trying to pick out some new carpet and paint for a couple of rooms in our house. I would rather the old carpet and paint not wear out, but they did, and stewardship was necessary though not exciting.

This campaign is not glamorous; it’s not frontline church planting. I would much rather be raising money to buy a piece of property and build a new church building, but sometimes we have to focus on the mundane stewardship of property. The need to update some of the carpeting in our building and update technology and software for the staff at BCP is not flashy, but it is necessary!

Some may ask, “Why don’t you budget for these stewardship needs?”  If we budgeted for all of these kinds of needs, we would be forced to increase our missionary service fee.  We have been able to avoid raising this fee for fifteen years, and we would like to keep that track record!

In my devotions recently I read about the widow who gave her mite. Of all the people involved in temple giving on that day, this “obscure” widow caught Jesus’ attention because she gave out of her poverty. She gave everything with no expectation of recognition. We don’t even know her name!

Over the years I have found this to be the case with churches and ordinary people in the hands of a mighty God.  Most of the time God uses “obscure” people to move His program

forward and accomplish amazing things for His glory. Many times my prayer has been for God to astound us with ordinary people and faithful churches living in obedience to Him and laying up their treasures in Heaven.

In almost every church where I present BCP or in settings with individual partners, I say the following, “God doesn’t do fund raising – He does people raising!”  When God raises up His people, called by His name, He can accomplish anything – even mundane things like carpet and technology updates. These things do allow us to further serve the missionaries on the frontlines of church planting.

I am confident that God will continue to astound us as He moves in His Church and in each of our lives to meet these needs.

For His Glory, In His Grip,

Stephen Little