FINISHED!  That’s right.  The builders of Baptist Church Planters have finished the church renovation and expansion at Heritage Baptist Church in Wampsville, NY.  Next the team goes to Schaumburg, IL to retrofit a strip mall rental for Great Commission Baptist Church and then on to Bussy, IA to build a new church building.  Another building team is soon to move into the Youngstown area to build an addition for Boardman Baptist Church.

But it isn’t all about buildings.  It is about people.  Buildings are only good if people attend.  But without a building, many Bible studies and small church start ups are thought of as cults.  After getting a building and establishing the church more permanently, the community accepts the church as legitimate.

Another benefit of a building is that it is harder for the church to simply quit and close.  Financial and facility commitments make it more difficult to just throw your hands up and walk away.

Thank you for supporting church planters and Baptist Church Planters.  What a team we all make, serving our Lord Jesus Christ.