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Mary and Martha’s Home Along-the-Way

Our lesson takes us to that very familiar Bible recording of the “Sisters Mary and Martha” in Luke 10:38-42.  The first verse records Martha as very hospitable:  “icertain woman named Martha received him into her house.” The town is Bethany; the home is Lazarus, Martha and Mary’s, one of those homes where Jesus was always welcome. It brought to mind, “Would my home in Berea, Ohio, have been listed as a home where Jesus felt wanted, one of those ‘along-the-way’ stops?”  Martha did not seem to hesitate; it gives me the idea that she was waiting at the door. Now Mary had a different mindset. She was also glad to [...]

Respectable Sins with Hearts


God Plans to Use Lessons Learned

During my reading on Joseph, The Bible Knowledge Commentary stated that “God had called him to a special task—he had seen evidence of that in his rise from slavery. If one is to fulfill God’s plan, he cannot sin against the God who will bring it about.” I was mulling that over.  Joseph was good at what he did because he was on a journey that God had directed--though not the normal journey and not a pleasant one.  Sometimes that causes you to wonder if indeed it was God plan.  Why so many problems?  Joseph was a good boy, obedient, loving, and he knew right from wrong.  He wasn’t afraid [...]

New Year’s Resolutions

I have started my Bible study on Tuesdays with the ladies at Servants Baptist Church in Camden, NY, where Bob and I are filling in for missionaries Tom and Carol Phillips.  Psalm 101 was last week's, and it was called David’s New Year’s Resolutions.  My big word for this study was Choices for the new year.  David had chosen to SING of God’s MERCY and JUDGMENT.  We touched on the meaning of those two words as it relates to us and the coming year. The choices or resolutions that David made were to honor his Lord, and they would improve his life, his family life and the ruling of a nation.     DAVID’S NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS: I [...]

How do we live blamelessly?

Recently I was preparing for a Sunday school lesson on Zacharias and Elizabeth.  The biblical record is found in Luke 1:6, “And they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless.” What outstanding attributes to be recorded in the greatest BOOK ever written! It sounded like they did everything perfectly.  No, for I know of only ONE perfect Man that walked perfectly on this earth, and that was Jesus.  So how did they behave, conduct themselves and live daily in this sinful world “blamelessly” before God? First I had to look up the word blameless: “In light of the positional reality, the [...]

Choosing the Good Part

Luke 10:41  And Jesus answered and said unto her, "Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things" What a wonderful Candidate Class we had in August! We were blessed with three couples who have a heart for ministry. Chip and Karen Wood’s ministry will be with our “Joy Club.”  We are so excited as we hear Chip share his heart for reaching children for Christ.  This is thrilling for me as this has been a passion of mine for over 60 years.  Carlos and Issa Vasquez have a burden and love for the Hispanic people.  Their desire is to disciple them to know the Lord on a personal [...]

Discipling “To Teach” Others

The church that Bob and I attend, Berea Baptist, (located next to our house in Berea, Ohio,) started a Discipleship Ministry about one year ago.  It started with a handful of people, and it now has forty plus waiting to be or being discipled. It is thrilling, to say the least!  Most exciting is how this is going to grow individuals which will result in spiritual growth of our church body!   What is a blessing for me is to see the growth in the lady I am discipling.  It is not that I am doing any great in-depth teaching; I am just following the lesson plan and most of [...]

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