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Dr. Ernest Pickering was a great preacher.  How do I know that?  First, many loved to hear him teach the Word of God.  Second, I can remember almost every message I ever heard him preach. One time I asked Dr. Pickering about his personal message preparation.  He was very honest with me.  After the visit, I began to follow his pattern.  Here it is: 1.       He would first read the passage 15-25 times and then sit and meditate on the passage.  He said that we are too soon to dive into the passage, seeking to develop the message. 2.       He would then let the passage “come to him.”  That means [...]

Preaching Big Passages

Have you read Martin Lloyd Jones?  Wow!  He is thorough and deep, BUT most pastors are not nor can be Martin Lloyd Jones, and may I suggest the people in the pew don’t want them to be. Arthur Pink and Martin Lloyd Jones, as well as many others, provide pastors with good exposition and commentary on biblical passages.  The problem, as I see it, is that it doesn’t preach well to the local church congregation. Taking years to cover one book of the Bible gets very tedious to the local body of believers.  I’ll never forget a man in one of the churches I served saying to me, “When are [...]

Training the Next Generation

Pastor, are you training the next generation of pastors and missionaries?  Why do I ask this question?  Let me give you a few things to consider.   The average cost of sending young people to college for a four year degree is a minimum of $100,000.  The average age of missionaries joining the ranks is between 35-40 years old. Many churches are failing to “maintain,” let alone “grow,” their attendance. What do these statements say to you?  Here are some of my thoughts:   With education soaring in expense and fewer and fewer young people to draw from, many Christian colleges will find it difficult to sustain operations.   More and more young [...]

President’s Challenge – January 2013

Seven Reasons to Consider Church Planting 1.       Many areas in the USA are still without churches that hold to and teach from a literal and historical dispensational theology and that are not worldly in their approach to reaching people for Christ. 2.       Church planting is proven to be the most effective means of evangelism.  The need to “meet people” motivates the congregation to invite and welcome their friends to the church.  More people are saved in church plants than in established churches. 3.       Many established churches have traditions that they seemingly hold to as equal to the infallibility of the Bible.  It is difficult to make needed changes in many [...]

Deacon Training

Recently my pastor, Patrick Odle, asked me to use the manual I wrote on Deacons’ Training to teach some of the young men who are deacons and prospective deacons in our church.  I’ve had two classes, and I cannot tell you how excited the men are to learn and share. Many years ago as a pastor I felt the need to prepare men for the potential of serving as a deacon.  I came to some conclusions based on a number of facts:  1.       There are misconceptions of being a deacon: Some thought of it as a corporate office or a board of directors, while others concluded the office was for [...]

Basics for the New Year

January 2013 Subject: Basics for the New Year Reading I have been reading a couple of books that were given to me and ones I highly suggest you buy and read: Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp, published by Crossway.  This is a book to pastors, and it goes right to the heart.  It is thought-provoking and challenging. A Way through the Wilderness by Jamie Buckingham, published by Kingsway.  My brother-in-law gave me this paperback, and it is good.  I just bought one for a friend. You can get this used on Half.com.  On the subject of reading, I was going to read through the Daily Bible in 2013, a [...]

Christmas Outreach

I wish when I was pastor I had taken advantage of Easter and Christmas opportunities more than I did.  They are the two times a year when people feel like they should be in church.  Why not make every effort to get them under the truth of the gospel?  Christmas Eve As for Christmas, I have watched a few churches use the Christmas Eve service very effectively.  This works very well when you have a large Roman Catholic community because they are used to attending Mass on Christmas Eve.  A recommended service would be a candle light service with quiet Christmas music, special readings about Christmas and a short message [...]

Pastor to Pastor – Sept. 2012

Pastor to Pastor Article 1 September 2012 I am starting a new writing ministry that is primarily directed to pastors.  I served as a pastor for twenty-eight years, service that I loved immensely.  I call this “Pastor to Pastor,” because my heart is still a pastor’s heart.  I want to share with brothers who are called to the same ministry and who I know face challenges in their daily ministry and personal lives.  I want this to be both an encouragement and a challenge mentally.  Because I travel extensively in this Baptist Church Planters’ ministry, I get to see a lot of churches, and my observations are both positive and [...]

President’s Challenge – September

Whether you support a missionary, a project or the general fund, we thank you for your investment in planting new churches.  Just today, August 30th, Scott Greening shared in an email the salvation of a couple to whom he has been witnessing.  Praise God!  One by one, people are coming to Christ, and one by one, churches are planted and growing. September is a big month at Baptist Church Planters.  Some of the administrators attend the annual meeting of the Fellowship of Missions, an agency for mission agencies.  Mission leaders come together to discuss missions in general and get encouragement by being together.  It is a worthy event. We also [...]

President’s Challenge – August 2012

One of the blessings we experience at Baptist Church Planters is the gathering of all the missionary families once every three years at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa.  Faith has wonderful facilities to care for our mission family.  We call this gathering, “Family Camp.” This year was the year for Family Camp, and what a blessing it was! Missionaries met the new church planters, were fed from the Word of God (Dr. Kevin Bauder was the main speaker), fellowshipped as believers, discussed effective means of touching the lives of people, ate good food and enjoyed a good laugh. Church planters know the challenges specific to starting a church.  [...]

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