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President’s Challenge – July 2012

Every three years the entire BCP mission family joins together at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, IA.  The purpose for this gathering is to acquaint the missionaries with each other (many coming in since the last time we met), to encourage each other in the Lord’s Word and work, and to share the blessings of church planting. This will be the first meeting since we added builders to our family and we will be welcoming the missionaries connected with Carver Baptist Bible College. Our featured speaker this year is Dr. Kevin Bauder from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Plymouth, MN.  Also speaking is Pastor John Sauser, chairman of the [...]

President’s Challenge – June 2012

I have experienced a new phase in my life, namely surgery.  Surgeons took the knee God gave me sixty-four years ago and replaced it with a Zimmer knee.  I am now suffering through therapy but know the pain will result in walking without a limp, which I have endured for the last eight months. Well, that’s enough about my issues.  This reminds me that life is fragile.  Christian workers and missionaries are not exempt from the curse of sickness and death.  Many of the missionaries presently planting churches are either suffering or have recently dealt with debilitating illness.  Cancer, MS, failure to digest due to stomach and intestine issues, back [...]

President’s Challenge – May 2012

We often plan Baptist Church Planters’ banquets in April and May.  We have just finished three banquets, Elyria, OH; Batavia, NY; and Sayre, PA.  Combined, we had well over two hundred people in attendance.  It was nice to see so many people still interested in church planting.  Many of those who attended have been faithful supporters for many years.  This year, we had a number of the missionaries sharing their stories via video.  I was blessed by one man’s response.  He came and said, “I was moved by the needs of two of the missionaries.  I want to send each of their churches some money for their building fund.”  That [...]

President’s Challenge – April 2012

I was given a book last year called “The Valley of Vision.”  It is a book of prayers from the Puritans.  It has blessed my soul.  I bought one for each of my children and also my pastor.  I read just one a day, but how rich and deep is each prayer.  Our staff has been on the road having significant ministry opportunities.  I was recently atPleasant HillBaptistChurchinSmithville,Ohio.  The church sits out in the country.  The odor from the surrounding farms is refreshing if you are a “country boy” like I am.  The church defies logic.  It is not near any village or town.  It isn’t easy to find.  Yet, [...]

President’s Challenge – March 2012

Being President for many years allows you to see the longer and larger view of things that happen in missions.  I have to say that I have been very impressed with the faithfulness of local churches in supporting church planters.  Once in a while I will see a letter come from some church that seems to be out of character but for the most part, churches have “stood by their missionaries.”  Actually, I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of churches to missionaries that have fallen ill or had special needs.  It is “uplifting” to see the kindness and mercy shown these leaders.  And, many churches have tried to help [...]

President’s Challenge – Feb. 2012

As we face the daily grind of living in a cursed world, we must daily (maybe more) remember that our Lord is the King of the universe and has everything in control.  I have given this thought as we have watched kingdoms fall this past year.  Who would have dreamed that the kings of Egypt and Libya would tumble? Who would have dreamed that other Middle Eastern nations would be in such turmoil? Recently our church had our 14th Sportsmen’s Dinner.  We invited Jon Jenks, pastor in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, to speak.  On the following day, Pastor Jon spoke in our church and used the passage in Isaiah 44-45.  He reminded [...]

President’s Challenge – Jan. 2012

Opportunities!  A matter that concerns me is to think I missed an opportunity.  They do not come by every day.  2012 will yield opportunities that I know I will not want to miss.  But what concerns me is not frightening, because God has promised to direct our steps.  I love the verse in Proverbs 16:9, “. . . A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.”  Based on this truth, we as believers are responsible to plan but always be yielded to the Lord for His plan.  A mentor of mine said this, “There is no improvement on the will of God.”  God’s will is to [...]

President’s Challenge – Dec. 2011

Kathy and I are well past the days of telling our family and friends that we are expecting a baby.  But I remember those days when we found out that Kathy was with child and the excitement she had in sharing that news.  Announcements!  There is a certain amount of wonder when someone says, “be here because I have an announcement to make.”  Is it good or bad? The announcements of Jesus’ birth had the same effect.  Mary was startled at the announcement of the angel regarding her pregnancy.  Joseph was perplexed by the announcement that Mary was pregnant; he knew it wasn’t his child.  The shepherds were astonished at [...]

President’s Letters – October 2011

I recently attended the annual meeting of the Fellowship of Missions (FOM).  FOM was founded in the early sixties as an “agency of agencies,” taking a separatist position and a pre-tribulation/pre-millennial hermeneutic.  There are twenty-eight mission agencies in FOM. I have found the annual meeting to be inspiring, challenging, encouraging, and convicting.  Each year, leaders of member agencies come together to pray, learn, dialogue, and encourage each other.  We are often reminded that we are not in competition but rather collaboration.  By working together in this fellowship we can accomplish more for the glory of God and the spread of the gospel throughout the world. This year, we heard reports [...]

President’s Challenge – September 2011

September is an exciting month at Baptist Church Planters.  We have six candidate couples coming and preparing to serve the Lord in some capacity as church planters.  The Council will interview them, which is incredibly inspiring.   Hearing their testimonies, God’s call on their lives and their experience serving the Lord is enjoyable.   The scriptures tell us that “life is but a vapor.” How very true.  Virgil Freyermuth passed into the presence of his Lord last month.  Virgil was instrumental in helping start Baptist Church Planters.  I attended his memorial service in Missouri and heard many testimonies of his willingness to assist others with the simplest of needs.  Virgil was [...]

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