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Missionary Update – June 21, 2017

Roy and Karen Kinney – Church Planters at Pinecrest Baptist Church in Millbury, MA Prayer Letter What a beautiful summer day in New England. We praise God for His beautiful creation. Our foster boys, Joseph and Hezekiah, were permanently discharged from our care and moved to their grandparents in New Hampshire the 24th of April. We facilitated the transition and tried to make it as easy on the boys as possible.  Our hearts are aching though as Joseph was here for three years and Hez was just turning two. They went with the Gospel message and lots of love; we even recommended a church in their town to attend.  Please [...]

Missionary Update – June 14

Jim and Janice Mitchell – Church Planters at Thousand Oaks Baptist Church in Thousand Oaks, CA Friday, June 9 Let me share a couple of blessings that are a result of your prayers and God's goodness. Last Sunday night one couple brought four visitors to the service - family and friends.  This Thursday night one of our guys brought another guy to our Men's Bible study that he met and built a relationship with.  This is what we need and it is exciting to see our people involved. Also, our friend Jack came out from Colorado and helped us with several projects. We are starting to get caught up with [...]

Missionary Update – Feb. 8, 2017

Dr. Mike and Karen Peck – BCP Author and Family Counselor Wednesday, Feb. 8 It is such a privilege and joy to us knowing that so many friends and family have joined us on this cancer journey. You have willingly walked a little while with us as we are traveling along. Today we really sensed your prayers. Thank you so much for praying. I am happy to tell you that we are home from the hospital. Karen’s procedure went well. Today the Radiology Specialist removed 1.5 liters of fluid from Karen’s abdominal region. Immediately Karen felt relief from the pressure and for this little while was able to eat a [...]

Missionary Update – Jan. 25

Dr. Mike and Karen Peck – BCP Author and Family Counselor Friday, Jan. 20 Thank you for taking a moment or two to check in on us and catch up with what is happening at the current time. Over many years of ministry, Karen and I have seen the loneliness and heartache of those who are going through trials without trusting the Lord and experiencing the encouragement of friends. They are very much alone. Watching and listening to people who do not belong to the Lord and with whom there is very little human encouragement and friendship reminds us of how terribly and horribly empty is the life without the [...]

Missionary Update – Jan. 18

Tim and Marsha Weeks – Regional Field Director Prayer Letter Focus on the Greenings Scott and Brook Greening are serving in the suburbs of Chicago as Church Planters. They are partnering with the Phillips, who we will feature at a later time, in this ministry. The Greenings' children, Torah and Asher keep the activities in their home from having any dull moments. Their children do not seem to know any strangers, which is a real asset when you are trying to build relationships with new folks in a small church plant. Their meeting place has changed over the last year because the facility they were using was no longer available. [...]

Missionary Update – Jan. 11

Eric and Amy Wilmeth – BCP Operations Manager We have all been praying for Eric and Amy Wilmeth. If you have not already read on Amy’s blog which Eric posted, Saturday evening Amy went to heaven and stood before her Heavenly Father, clothed in the righteousness of her Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord!   I Corinthians 15:57 “Thanks be to God who give us VICTORY through the Lord Jesus Christ!” Here is what Eric posted and the details about calling hours and the celebration of Amy’s life. Please pray for Eric and the children, Faith, Adam, Ethan and Asher, and extended family. “Amy entered into the presence of her Heavenly Father [...]

Missionary Update – Jan. 4

Mike and Karen Peck – BCP Family Author and Counselor Wednesday, Jan. 4 Thank you, dear friends, for the prayers for Karen. Her Oncologist is concerned. With the new chemotherapy medication Karen is taking, researchers have found that those with the best results often have a significant rash. It is a strange thing, isn’t it? The disappointing thing to our Oncologist and to us is that there is no rash. We aren’t quite sure how to interpret this yet. She will be on the new medication for another month and will be checked again in two weeks. Did you ever think you would hear a husband asking you to pray [...]

Missionary Update – Dec. 21

Brad and Marie Hansen – Church Planters at Community Regular Baptist Church in Bussey, IA Prayer Letter Isn’t it great to know that, in the end, when all is said and done, God wins? He shares that victory with believers through our Lord Jesus Christ. Determine with us to tell others the good news of the call of Christmas. Whether we are called to salvation, to sanctification, or to surrender, it is up to us to respond gratefully. We are grateful for the mild weather this fall. What a blessing! That shortens our winter by at least a month. Our church family was blessed when Berean Baptist Church in Pella, [...]

Missionary Update – Dec. 14

Dr. Mike and Karen Peck – BCP Author and Family Counselor Tuesday, Dec. 13 It has been quite a journey with some twists and turns that have come upon us rather suddenly the last few weeks. We discussed Karen’s situation with our oncologist and were along with him concerned that perhaps Karen’s current chemotherapy wasn’t working well for her. We knew that it was very early with this chemo. In fact, she only had two infusions with this medicine. But still the fluid was exploding. Two weeks ago the radiologist removed 1 liter of fluid from her left lung and 3 liters of fluid from her peritoneum. Imagine! Four liters [...]

Missionary Update – Dec. 7

Dr. Mike and Karen Peck – BCP Author and Family Counselor Wednesday, Dec. 7 When Karen had surgery for what we thought was her gall bladder, the surgeon discovered cancer studding that had embedded in her abdominal lining. How blessed we are that he took a biopsy of one of these studs during the surgery. Our oncologist sent it on for specialized pathology. Every once in a while this type of lung cancer studding that has migrated takes on a special mutation. Scientists have discovered a medication that sometimes is very effective in fighting cancer that has this particular mutation. This medication comes in the form of a pill to [...]

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