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Harvest Baptist Church Graduation Service

Harvest Baptist Church of Williamsburg, Iowa, celebrated their “graduation” from mission status on Sunday, November 3, 2013. Harvest Baptist was a church plant of Faith Baptist in Iowa City. A group of forty believers signed a covenant of Declaration of their commitment to the church plant in September 2001. First services were held on October 10, 2001, at Mary Welsh Elementary School in Williamsburg. Dennis Robinson and Kent Johannes from Continental Baptist Mission were able to join the celebration. They were lead builders from the Mission that oversaw the construction of the building that began in June 2005. The graduation day’s activities were divided into three parts.  Sunday school included [...]

Fellowship Baptist Church in Lorain, OH

About 14 years ago, Baptist Church Planters had a vision and desire to see a church plant in Lorain, OH.  At one time there were five fundamental churches in Lorain, but one by one, four of the five churches closed their doors.  As of 2011 Fellowship Baptist Church was the only existing OARBC church in Lorain, and it was also struggling to stay open.  In 2012, the church approached BCP to inquire if they were eligible to go under the mission’s Refuge/Rescue Work agreement.  After several meetings, it was determined that they did indeed qualify.  In February 2013, the church voted to return to mission status under BCP and on [...]

September 2013 ~ Byron Center, MI

Sycamore Community Baptist Church has a relatively short history.  Individuals felt the nudge from God to start a new work in the area, so with Pastor Jerry Hopkins, missionary under Baptist Church Planters, they began to pray for the Lord's timing and location.  The church incorporated and held their first service on December 4, 2011.  There were fourteen present.  The church has been averaging 65 members who are committed to organizing and teaching Sunday school classes for toddlers, primaries, teens and adults.  The youth group has grown from about 7 teenagers to a group of nineteen. The greatest need is to find a place of their own to meet.  They currently [...]

August 2013 ~ Tracy, California

Crossroads Baptist Church of Tracy was started when families from a Bay Area congregation moved to Tracy and were unable to find a place to worship.  Today it is a multi-ethnic congregation of families that are from all over the world.   The theme for this year is “Find Us Faithful.”  We are focusing on faithfulness in three core areas.  Faithfulness in WORSHIP, as we seek to involve more families in the worship team, special music and Scripture reading.  Faithfulness in discipleship, as Family Fellowship Groups have been established and several Bible Studies started.  There are plans for fall Bible studies in neighboring communities, with the goal of eventually planting [...]

July 2013 ~ Glendale, AZ

This year our theme is "Committed to the Great Commission." We want to make a conscious effort to influence our multi-cultural community with the message of Christ.  We are encouraged and blessed as we see families with perfect attendance, including many with perfect punctuality as well!  This can be a challenge to some of our members, but their efforts have been blessed by them seeing God working greatly in their lives and maturing them and seeing family members saved and baptized. Although the Lord has blessed us with many wonderful volunteers, we have a definite need for someone to dedicate themselves more intensely to expand our church's outreach in the future.  David [...]

June 2013 ~ Tallahassee, FL

Walter and Beverly McDonald are serving in Tallahassee, Florida.  Providence Baptist Church is enjoying an increased number of people visiting and has seen a number of baptisms.  The believers are enjoying opportunities for fellowship and growth through home Bible studies, ladies' luncheons, men's fish fry, and fishing trips.  The church is reaching out into the community as well.  The depressed economy has caused an increase in the number of requests for financial help in the neighborhood.  The church's Bread Ministry is an outreach program that allows them to help meet these needs and provides an avenue of witness and tract distribution in both English and Spanish.  It is still their desire to [...]

May 2013 ~ Canastota, NY

This church plant is located in the heart of Upstate New York about 25 miles east of Syracuse, NY.   The decision to start Heritage Baptist took place in 2004 around a table in a restaurant in Canastota, NY.  Those present were Pastor & Deacons from Open Door Baptist Church in New Woodstock, NY, BCP's Field Director, John Little, Christian businessmen, Chuck Little, as well as Becky & I along with Aaron and Pam Hurlbert.  From that meeting, Heritage Baptist Church started as a Bible Study in early 2005 with 2-3 families meeting in the Day’s Inn Conference room.  We then moved to the VFW for 3-4  months holding Bible Studies once per week.  [...]

April 2013 ~ Buckeye, AZ

God has truly been good to the people of Desert Hills Baptist Church in 2013.  Over the last 5 years since we started we have seen a continued rotation of people as the economy has stagnated our community.   Recently, it appears that the economy has stabilized, and as a result we have not seen as much of a turnover as we have in the past.   We are excited to have more than a year or two to help develop and mature the people God has given us. In January two great things happened in our ministry.  First of all we moved our location from one school to another which is more centrally located.   In the past we have invited people [...]

Community Regular Baptist Church, Bussey, IA

Brad and Marie Hansen have been with Baptist Church Planters since September 2009. They have been privileged to be a part of God's work in a small town of 400 that is twenty miles from the nearest conservative Bible preaching church. Community Regular Baptist Church is located in the cornfields of Iowa just one mile south of Bussey, IA in south central Iowa. Community Regular Baptist Church was started in the spring of 2009 and officially organized by October of 2009. God has blessed this group of people with a new facility that is just one year old with some finish work still being accomplished. We are located on a [...]

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