April 2013 ~ Buckeye, AZ

God has truly been good to the people of Desert Hills Baptist Church in 2013.  Over the last 5 years since we started we have seen a continued rotation of people as the economy has stagnated our community.   Recently, it appears that the economy has stabilized, and as a result we have not seen as much of a turnover as we have in the past.   We are excited to have more than a year or two to help develop and mature the people God has given us. In January two great things happened in our ministry.  First of all we moved our location from one school to another which is more centrally located.   In the past we have invited people [...]

Community Regular Baptist Church, Bussey, IA

Brad and Marie Hansen have been with Baptist Church Planters since September 2009. They have been privileged to be a part of God's work in a small town of 400 that is twenty miles from the nearest conservative Bible preaching church. Community Regular Baptist Church is located in the cornfields of Iowa just one mile south of Bussey, IA in south central Iowa. Community Regular Baptist Church was started in the spring of 2009 and officially organized by October of 2009. God has blessed this group of people with a new facility that is just one year old with some finish work still being accomplished. We are located on a [...]

Jan. 2013 – Chalco Hills, NE

Chalco Hills Baptist Church is a church plant in southwest Omaha led by Blane and Kelly Barfknecht with Sheryl Ridley serving over children and ladies ministries. We look forward to the addition of Bill and Stephanie Wilson and their family to our ministry team in 2013.Pray for them as they seek a home and work that will be flexible enough for attention to ministry.We started meeting weekly on February 22nd, 2009 through the vision of Roger Ridley to plant multiple churches in the Omaha area. On October 24, 2010, church documents were approved; charter membership was established and the first officers were elected. In the past four years we have seen slow, steady [...]

Nov. 2012 – Hispanic Ministry Retreat

  Hispanic believers attended a unique retreat on August 17-18 at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp in Clear Lake, Iowa. This event was directed by Herb Taylor, the coordinator and field director of Hispanic Ministries with Baptist Church Planters. He and his wife, Wanda, travel the country helping Hispanic believers and churches. As the retreat’s planners and with expectations of less than 50 attendees, they were “thrilled with the response” from the Hispanic churches. “By the time the registration was finished that Friday evening,” says Herb, “we had 109 total!”   The attendees were encouraged by . . . . . . A video greeting from David and Melissa Whitcher (the [...]

Oct. 2012 – Largo, FL

During these months we have focused on preparing the church to share the gospel without fear. We are focusing on training every believer to be an evangelist. We are sharing the material "Story of Hope.” It is a story that goes from Genesis to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. It contains eight truths that are easy to share. Our God is working in the lives of the people. We recently baptized five, are getting six candidates ready for membership, and have one member in the process of restoration. In our church we have encouraged foreign residents to take their citizenship test. In two years, five people from our [...]

Sept. 2012 – Bennington, NE

The Wilmeth family (Eric, Amy, Faith [9], Adam [5], and Ethan [4]) ministers in Bennington, Nebraska seeking to be used to establish Bennington Baptist Church. The family is able to serve through regular Sunday services, community outreach (such as the local annual town celebration called Bennington Daze), vacation bible schools, and daily life. During this year’s Bennington Daze we were able help children make over 250 crafts that allowed us to clearly explain the plan of salvation and Amy and Eric were able to speak to the parents and grandparents to sow seeds of the gospel throughout the day. During our vacation bible school we were overjoyed to lead two young girls [...]

Aug. 2012 – Bob Toomer

Bob and Penny Toomer serve in Utah and have worked in church planting for many years. Bob supports the family both through deputation support and by training horses. The horse training provides an opportunity to meet people on their own turf and share the gospel. Bob also does round pen evangelism, where he takes an unbroken horse (not ready to ride) and in two hours is on the back of the horse. All the while, he is talking about how God works in our lives even as Bob works with the horse. When the horse doesn’t respond correctly, God puts pressure and when the horse responds to the master, the [...]

July 2012 – Schaumburg, IL

The ministry at Great Commission Baptist Church is in the “growth stage.” We have launched in our community, chartered membership, elected deacons, held a recognition council, and developed our core group into a congregation. In the coming months we are praying that God would grow our church in a variety of ways. First, we are praying for spiritual growth. We desire all of our church, including ourselves, to be taking next steps in their lives of faith. Second, we desire our church to continue to grow in ministry abilities. We need to keep equipping people for the work of the ministry. Third, we need our church to grow numerically. We [...]

Highlight – June 2012 – Auburn

Highlight – May 2012 – Camden

Paul and Janet Robinson have been ministering in Camden, New Jersey since 1994. The city of Camden is one of the poorest cities in the U.S. In 2008, Camden had the highest crime rate in the U.S. It has been dubbed the most dangerous city in the U.S. in past years. With all of its social, economic, and spiritual problems, Camden possesses an invaluable resource – over 77,000 people! We labor day and night reaching both adults and children who are caught in the never-ending downward spiral of urban dysfunction of every kind imaginable.   Presently we spend a lot time and resource focusing on reaching the children and youth. [...]

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