Connect Fall 2017

 In this edition: "The Church Planting Team"  "Updates from missionaries in the field"  "Short-Term Missions with BCP"  "Reaching our Hispanic Neighbors" "Welcome back, Dr. Mike!"

Connect Summer 2017

In this edition: *Welcome to short-termers*  *Leadership Summit update*    *Closure Counseling by ChurchCare*     *The Value of our Volunteer Builders*     *Part III:  The Profitability of Partnerships*

Connect Spring 2017

In this issue: **Welcome to Jon Jenks, Director of Training and Enrichment   **a Tribute to Amy Wilmeth **Part II: The Products and Pieces of Partnership **Desert Hills building dedication ** Leaving a Legacy

Connect Fall 2016

In this issue: **Enriching the Lives of Missionaries  **Part 1: The Purpose of Partnership  **ChurchCare builders' update  **Welcome to Eric Wilmeth

Connect Summer 2016

In this issue: The Great Initiative * *  Two churches graduate from mission status *  * What's it like to be a missionary builder's kid? *  * Dr. Little named President Emeritus *

Connect Spring 2016

Connect spring 2016

Connect Fall 2015

In this issue:  * 25 years of helping churches * * What does it take to become a BCP missionary? * * Revitalization * * Gift to ChurchCare Construction *

Connect Summer 2015

In this issue: * BCP Family Camp at Faith Baptist Bible College * * ChurchCare building projects in NY, OH, TN, and PA * * JOY Club update *                          

Connect Spring 2015

In this issue:  * Report from Camden, NJ * *BCP Youth Ministry news * * Report from an intern * * Graduation of Mountain Shadows *

Connect Fall 2014

In this issue:  * Get Connected with BCP * * New missionaries! * * Introducing our new JOY Club Director *

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