Victory Baptist Church Graduation Service on November 26, 2011

Victory Baptist Church grew out of a small group Bible study begun in Fullerton in 1981 by Pastor Timothy Blackman.  After meeting for a time on Sunday afternoons the folks gathered in 1983 for an organizational meeting to form an independent Baptist Fellowship.  In 1987 Pastor Roy Cupples came to Fullerton after having started Grace Baptist Church in his home in Grand Island.  Under his leadership the fellowship purchased the old hospital and began remodeling it for use as a church building.  The first service in this building was held on September 6, 1992.
The group organized as a church on November 22, 1998, by a unanimous vote of the people and adopted the church's constitution.  During the business meeting songs of praise were sung, testimonies were given concerning the Lord's faithfulness, and the charter was signed.  All the people rejoiced!
On Saturday, October 7, 2000, a Recognition Council met at Victory Baptist Church.  Nine churches were present representing the NARBC (Nebraska Association of Regular Baptist Churches).  During the morning sessions the church constitution was read along with the church purpose statement, Biblical distinctives, and membership covenant.  After a period of questioning and suggestions, the council voted to present Victory Baptist Church to the NARBC as a duly organized Baptist church to become a part of the state association.
Victory Baptist Church had grown and in 2011 was ready to go from being a mission church plant to a self-support ministry.  To celebrate and commemorate that the church family hosted a graduation service on Saturday, November 26, 2011, from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM.  Pastor Ed Anderson from Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Omaha and Pastor Peter Jenks from Bennington Baptist Church, Bennington, NE, both gave challenges to the church family.  During the service there was joyful congregational singing and special music and inspiring testimonies from one family of four and from one of the deacons.  The testimonies were God-honoring and a marvelous tribute to the Lord's work in each of the folk's lives.  During the service Pastor Peter Jenks presented a certificate of graduation from Baptist Church Planters to Pastor Cupples and all in attendance praised God for His faithfulness and blessings.