Paul and Janet Robinson have been ministering in Camden, New Jersey since 1994. The city of Camden is one of the poorest cities in the U.S. In 2008, Camden had the highest crime rate in the U.S. It has been dubbed the most dangerous city in the U.S. in past years. With all of its social, economic, and spiritual problems, Camden possesses an invaluable resource – over 77,000 people! We labor day and night reaching both adults and children who are caught in the never-ending downward spiral of urban dysfunction of every kind imaginable.

Presently we spend a lot time and resource focusing on reaching the children and youth. Our weekly Friday Night Youth Outreach has an average of forty kids coming every week. Many of these kids return on Sunday morning for Sunday school. The children and youth come to us with their emotional tank on empty and leave emotionally full with the love, compassion and patience of God given to them by our workers. This keeps them coming back every week. Many young people have been saved, baptized and are actively a part of the church.
We do a lot of ministry in the little row-house that is owned by the church. For instance on Easter (April 8), we had over seventy people in the morning service and on Friday night outreach (April 13) we had a total of seventy-seven people in the building including both the children and the workers of a visiting church that helped us with a Easter Egg Hunt activity!
The Lord has blessed us with 1.5 acres of land on which we would like to put up a worship facility. Please pray for us as we raise funds to get this project off the ground.
Our goal is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in Camden, New Jersey through church planting and outreach to children and youths. Please pray for us as we battle the forces of darkness on a daily basis.
Paul & Janet Robinson
Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church
Camden, New Jersey
(856) 966-8837