“It is my prayer that God will use this book to help men be godly servants, and if chosen by the church to be a deacon, will serve as God intended.” — David C. Little

Chapters Inside:

  • What is a Deacon?
  • The Spiritual Qualifications of Deacons
  • The Purpose of the Church
  • The Role of Leadership as a Deacon
  • Deacon’s Meetings
  • Dealing with Conflict in the Church
  • and others…

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This deacon training manual is good for present deacons as well as preparing men for future deacon service in fundamental Baptist churches. Too often men are elected to serve as deacons, but they have little or no understanding of what a deacon is or does. This deacon training manual will help immensely. This manual is also available in Spanish. See Deacon Training Manual on BCP Resource Store.