The Deaf Need:
  • Salvation
  • Discipleship
  • A local church responsive to their needs


BCP Plants Churches Among the Deaf

The Deaf and hard-of-hearing depend on their eyes for communication. Baptist Church Planters is producing Christ honoring videos for the Deaf community, and plans are in place to produce additional video-based projects (using digital streaming and DVD) for the Deaf.
Today it is possible for a church that has no interpreters to minister to the Deaf through BCP’s videos. Our video ministry depends totally on faith to furnish the funds to produce these resources. Pray and ask God how He can use you in this wonderful ministry.
BCP’s Deaf Ministry Presents Christ
American Sign Language is the language of choice in the Deaf community. The Deaf need a church that can teach them the Word of God in a language that they understand clearly. A place where the whole family—hearing and Deaf—can worship together in a common language.
Qualified Deaf young men who are called by God to be pastors and deacons need an environment
where they can serve the Lord. Deaf people need to be given the opportunity to demonstrate
responsibility in supporting their church and serving God.
Please, pray for the Deaf.

God Loves the Deaf. Would you consider:

  • becoming a missionary to the Deaf
  • praying for BCP’s ministries to the Deaf
  • giving toward BCP’s ministries working with the Deaf ?

If you would like to be a part of God’s work in the Deaf community, please contact us.
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