Recently, I was asked to give a report to a brother that was teaching on the subject “Encouraging your pastor.”  He asked me to list both the things that encourage and discourage a pastor.  Here is what I said: 

Things that encourage the pastor

  • Faithful attendance
  • Daily prayer, knowing the members are regularly praying for the pastor
  • Helping others- when pastors see the people helping others without prompting, it is huge
  • Periodic notes when a message or service blessed them- I still have a file with the “good notes”
  • A gift card is very special once in a while
  • Inviting the pastor and family over after the evening service for refreshments- just to relax
  • When members bring visitors
  • “How can I help you pastor?” is very encouraging, even if there is nothing at the moment  

Things that discourage the pastor

  • Strong opinions when the person giving them doesn’t do anything in the church
  • Bringing problems right before the service
  • Unwilling to deal with a problem with someone and turning to gossip
  • Sending anonymous letters of criticism
  • Consuming the time of the pastor after services when he wants to get to visitors (more annoying than discouraging)
  • Coming for counseling when the person is unwilling to make the changes needed
  • Sitting in the services with a grumpy attitude–this sticks out and eats at the pastor

Here’s an idea:

Copy this in your bulletin or in a bulletin insert.  Since I wrote it, you can say, “Copied from Pastor to Pastor by Dr. David Little.”