100_7832Brad and Marie Hansen have been with Baptist Church Planters since September 2009. They have been privileged to be a part of God’s work in a small town of 400 that is twenty miles from the nearest conservative Bible preaching church.

Community Regular Baptist Church is located in the cornfields of Iowa just one mile south of Bussey, IA in south central Iowa.

Community Regular Baptist Church was started in the spring of 2009 and officially organized by October of 2009. God has blessed this group of people with a new facility that is just one year old with some finish work still being accomplished. We are located on a county highway and are actively serving three different communities and trying to reach into three more small rural communities. We are seeing a gradual increase in attendance and in spiritual growth as people realize we are a solid, fundamental Baptist church trying to glorify God, edify believers, and reach the lost with the gospel.

The stats:

Our family: Two daughters, four sons (two still at home), one son-in-law (a pastor in Illinois), six delightful grandchildren.

Our passion: To know Jesus and share the good news of His love and provision for our salvation from sin.

Our current mission: CRBC, a new work of about twenty souls attending on Sunday, fifteen on Wednesday (nine kids in JOY Club), and five teens at youth group Saturday evening. We’re looking forward to a membership class, another Sunday School class, and a Lambs Club for the younger ones on Wednesday evening.

Our financial support: 12%; Brad is working part-time as a Paramedic at a local hospital. This takes at least two days a week. As we get more support, he can spend more time planting churches.

Our prayer support: Amazing! People from coast to coast pray for us and God’s work here every day! THANK YOU!!

Our prayer requests: God’s will and God’s glory be accomplished; Brad’s job would give opportunities and not hinderances to the work; Marie’s Parkinson’s would enable her to know God better and that she can serve Him more; CRBC would be a light house to a dark world showing the way to God, money for a steeple and a sign outside, about $4000, spiritual growth and unity.

Pray with us and for us as we try to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone in this community and the surrounding area. Thank you and to God be the glory.

We are thankful for strength and grace for each day. Marie had a great check-up at the doctor’s a couple of weeks ago. Her medicine is working well for her, and we found it at a lower price. Along with spiritual blessings in Christ, He has given us other believers that want to share the gospel as we do. The community again saw us glorifying God as a dozen friends from First Baptist in Creston, IA, came and made quick work of putting a new roof on the old garage behind the church, leaving time to do a wall of siding as well. A big “THANK YOU!!” for your work and your encouragement. (See pictures on the CRBC website.) Now the building can be used for storage, or perhaps a teen classroom as we grow in numbers.

As a matter of fact, we have been growing. At the November ministry meeting, a building committee was formed to work on the plans for our first addition to the church building. We also bought two more tables for the Thanksgiving celebration.

The new outdoor sign for the church was completed the week before Christmas 2013.  

It was great to see over half the church willing to help with the Christmas play. Christmas season is a major time of outreach and, if you will, “inreach“. We attempt to invite everyone in the area to our Christmas Eve service. We also are reaching inside ourselves and examining our own relationships with Jesus. Are we walking closely enough with Him that we have “the mind of Christ,” and His will becomes our own? Something to ponder during the holidays.

Brad & Marie Hansen


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