During my reading on Joseph, The Bible Knowledge Commentary stated that “God had called him to a special task—he had seen evidence of that in his rise from slavery. If one is to fulfill God’s plan, he cannot sin against the God who will bring it about.” I was mulling that over.  Joseph was good at what he did because he was on a journey that God had directed–though not the normal journey and not a pleasant one.  Sometimes that causes you to wonder if indeed it was God plan.  Why so many problems?  Joseph was a good boy, obedient, loving, and he knew right from wrong.  He wasn’t afraid to tell his father when the stepbrothers were not tending the sheep right.  So why was Joseph put through the fires so long, so hard? Well, Prov. 3: 5,6 says, “Lean not unto thy own understanding.”  Joseph just continued to do everything well.  He learned to recognize dangerous situations like Potiphar’s wife, he learned how to get things in order and keep them that way.  Oh, that’s it….God knew the “plan:” Joseph had to develop those skills which he would not have learned tending his father’s sheep—-people skills, organizational skills, watching out for pitfalls and avoiding them, and working with people of authority and means.  Probably he learned many more skills but that is a few.  So it would be wise as we travel on this journey to first keep going, remembering that GOD IS IN CONTROL, keep learning GOD PLANS TO USE LESSONS LEARNED, and be mindful that the people God surrounds us with are PART OF GOD’S  PLAN. 

I am grateful for recent lessons learned.  Never too old to learn.

His Servant,

Donna Bennett