During these months we have focused on preparing the church to share the gospel without fear. We are focusing on training every believer to be an evangelist. We are sharing the material “Story of Hope.” It is a story that goes from Genesis to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. It contains eight truths that are easy to share. Our God is working in the lives of the people. We recently baptized five, are getting six candidates ready for membership, and have one member in the process of restoration.

In our church we have encouraged foreign residents to take their citizenship test. In two years, five people from our church have become citizens. Now 70% of the people have their legal papers in order; this is a real blessing from God. This helps us to become a local church with more stability.  Pray for those still in the process of putting their documents in order, so they too may become citizens.

My wife continues training the ladies and conducting educational programs for children. She has several discipleship meetings for teachers, committees and general meetings. Once a month she meets with the Latino women, where they invite other ladies, and share the good gospel of Jesus Christ. Ana Maria helps me with many details at the church office, in addition to working as a substitute teacher at the public schools south of Tampa.

On Wednesdays while our children attend Awana, we take time to train the leaders.  The men meet to study the material so we can disciple others.  I also continue as a Chaplain at Marketplace, and I visit the company Avalon Group & Payless Rent Cars. This provides the opportunity to meet many people of different nationalities. The vast majority of them have no interest or knowledge of the Word of God; however, God is working.

We have a new project with an evangelistic vision: a radio show called “The Moment of Hope” which is on the local radio station 1520 AM.  This offers Bible classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The purpose of the program is to reach Hispanics in the area so they come to know Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, while giving them the biblical tools for growth.