I like this statement.  “If it won’t matter in five years, don’t let it matter today.”  I wish I could tell you that I always live by this statement.  Yesterday was a good opportunity to practice this wisdom.  My flight was canceled and I had to stay overnight in Madison, Wisconsin.  Flying has its blessings but also its headaches.  If I never flew again it would be fine with me, but the convenience keeps me in the air.

Periodically, I speak at churches that seek to reach men and women who like the outdoors.  I don’t like to do more than three of these events a year because of the time and energy it takes, but the opportunity to present the gospel to unsaved men and women really fires me up.  I recently spoke in Wisconsin Rapids where Jon Jenks is pastor (son of Peter and Mary Lou Jenks- BCP missionaries).  Twenty-five people accepted Christ.  One twelve-year-old girl checked the card that she accepted Jesus Christ and put on the back of her card- “This is the best day of my life.”  Wow!

The builders are working in Florida and Wampsville, NY.  One team will soon finish a project in New Jersey and then on to Boardman, OH.  The other team will renovate a store front in Schaumburg, IL and then on to Bussey, IA to start a new building in that rural town.  Thank God for these talented people who are willing to serve.