Free Hymnals – There are 70 copies of Hymns for the Living by Hope Publishing available for free. They are dark blue and in good condition. For more information, contact Bill Wert at 419-985-2363.

A Pinch of SALT – Senior Adults Living Triumphantly, BCP Retirees

  • William and Celia Heydens – Celia says that as she sits down to write, the precious Word of God comes to her mind that says “They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength.” They have been through some deep water as their daughter was entering surgery as she wrote her prayer letter. Also two days before this, their son, Bill, had surgery and is right now undergoing physical therapy which is very hard to endure. William is still able to go to McDonalds occasionally for the purpose of evangelism. He looks forward to striking up a conversation with people and shares with the gospel. They also have an unspoken request. They aren’t able to share details. However, the difficult situation involves people who don’t know the Lord as their Savior.
  • Roger and Frances Wells – The Wells are planning to move to Raleigh, NC, sometime in the beginning of next year. The Lord has really been burdening their hearts to help their son, Ronald, to plant a church in Raleigh. This is not an easy move for “Franke” as Roger calls her. She has a wonderful ministry with the ladies in their current church. They ask us to remember a man by the name of Jewell Smith who is a Navy veteran. He was struck by a car and has been under medical treatment to the extent that he has now lost his apartment and has no known place to go. They are so concerned for him and his spiritual condition.
  • Ed Dean – Richard Dean gave us an update on his father, Ed, who is now in rehab for approximately twenty days. He is recovering from a serious gall bladder infection. The doctors have inserted a tube and he is on heavy antibiotics. He appreciates our prayers. 

Wayne and Shanna Dale – Church Planters at Grace Baptist Church in Scottsdale, AZ

Prayer Letter

First and foremost, thank you for your prayers on our behalf during this challenging time. As a family we have learned to pray earnestly and trust God when our path is not visible.   This has been a journey of God’s grace and timing. When we first sold and planned to purchase another home closer to church, everything seemed to be working out according to our schedule. However, God had a different plan and schedule that has taught us and our children to have faith in God and trust Him even when we do not know what the future holds.

As we began our search for housing, we asked the kids what were some requests that they had for a new home. This move involved lots of change. Being in only one house during ministry in four churches has been a stabilizing factor. It was the only home they knew and transitioning to and from various churches affects kids. We wanted them to see how God provides and for Him to become more personal to them and strengthen their faith. Their requests included; four bedrooms; a separate space for them and for entertaining guests; enough space; a pool if possible; and Simon asked for a hot tub. The parents simply wanted a workable kitchen and enough bathrooms. So thus, the specific prayers began.

When the closing for our first sale fell through, we were grateful that God allowed our house to sell again in a short amount of time. However, now we were faced with finding another house in time for the start of the school year. Many homes in our price range were selling fast and the housing inventory was lower, which drives up prices. With the kids enrolled in a school over an hour away and starting in August, it made our housing search and prayers much more urgent. As we arrived at early July, we had no house that was within our price range, nor within our vicinity for church.

In the middle of July, we prepared to go to Iowa to attend Family Camp with Baptist Church Planters. A few days before we left, a house became available for view for 48 hours and was a bank owned home. We rushed over in the early evening to view it because the electricity was not turned on. The house had everything we were looking for and was in a good neighborhood. It needed work, but it seemed like a viable option and that God had directed us to this house. We then had to bid online for an opportunity for the bank to consider our offer. Our real estate agent was experienced in these transactions and guided us through the process. We then headed to Iowa.

Some may ask, “Why pray if God already knows our requests?” God does not change His mind; however, we change through this process. Our faith is affirmed and Jesus Christ is ultimately glorified by His specific acts in our lives. Now let me express how God has specifically answered your prayers and ours:

  • When our first sale fell through, we had a place to live with Shanna’s parents.
  • God provided someone to loan us the $8000 earnest money that was non-refundable.
  • We went to the state of Iowa to purchase a house on N Iowa Street in Arizona.
  • We found out the house inspector had been in the house previously and knew the background of how the house had become bank owned.
  • Our house in Surprise sold so we could pay back the earnest money loan.
  • Our friends from church who are experienced in renovations just arrived back in town and will help us expedite repairs to move in ASAP. By the way, the kitchen is in great shape!
  • We are planning to close at least a week early before the kids start school.
  • We have been praying for a house specifically and God answered each of our kid’s requests, even down to a hot tub for Simon, which definitely was not on our list.

These are just the major ones and we could not have done it without your prayers and encouragement.

UPDATE: We closed on the house today! Praise the Lord!

Pastor Jim and Janice Mitchell – Church Planters at Gospel Life Church in Fort Collins, CO

Prayer Letter

Thank you for your ongoing prayer support. Last month was busy in a variety of ways: our daughter and son-in-law visiting from Georgia; a special summer BBQ with the church family; helping a church family hang sheetrock in their basement; BCP mission family camp in Iowa; friends visiting from CA; Janice making more contacts with her homemade soap; occasional hail storms and a trip to North Dakota to see our grandson!

Thankfully, we haven’t had to miss any Sundays with our church and we are gradually building relationships and unifying. One of our neighborhood visitors continues to attend and another couple has come two weeks. Just this week a young couple, the husband works with one of our members, visited. At the same time, a young couple who are members have decided to leave. This was a delayed response to the transition as they haven’t been coming for a while. Please pray with us as this month we distribute door hangers in the community around the school where we meet. We desire to let people know we are here and connect with people who God is calling. Also, our website is being overhauled by one of our young men and it is just about finished.

We are presently renting a townhouse in a town north of Fort Collins. Because of the high cost of houses in Fort Collins, we have chosen to build a house in a little town six miles east of Fort Collins for literally less money. This will keep us close to Fort Collins and also move us closer to where the majority of our people live. The tentative date for our “next move” is mid to late October. We are presently at 80% of our support. We have been at this level since we left Colorado last time, but since we lived in a parsonage in California it worked. We praise the Lord for some support from our present church and an additional supporter just this past month. We continue to realize God’s faithfulness to us through you.

While enjoying our first grandson, we are excited as we await the next two grandchildren. Jared and Becca in October and Jamin and Jess in February. Life is never dull and we praise the Lord He has allowed us to serve Him here in Colorado.

Your prayers are much appreciated!