Paul and Janet Robinson – Church Planters at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church in Camden, NJ

Prayer Letter

As the Thanksgiving season departs and the Christmas season approaches, we are anticipating great things from God! The Lord Jesus came to planet earth to reach a lost world and our focus for the month of December will be on Outreach. Our messages this month will challenge our folks not only to share the gospel with people as they are going about their daily activities – work, shopping, family gatherings, etc., but also to invite people to church. This will all culminate in our Back to Church Sunday on January 6th in which we will be inviting unsaved and unchurched folks to begin the new year by coming back to church. Please pray for God’s blessings upon this endeavor.

The Lord is always bringing broken people to us. I had a great meeting with a gentleman yesterday. This man is entangled with the law and is struggling with alcohol and drugs. After talking and sharing the gospel with him, he said that he wasn’t ready to receive Christ as his personal Savior. However, he wants to start going back to church. He promised to come to our Family Movie Night at our location in Camden this Friday and to the Worship Service in Pennsauken on Sunday. Please pray for Rob.

I am excited about three of our ladies who have committed themselves to meet weekly in a closed prayer group to plead to God for Pennsauken and Camden.

Please continue to pray for Danaysha. After losing her baby, she had shut down altogether and was literally at death’s door; however, at our Thanksgiving praise service, she spoke publicly and gave a testimony for the first time since she lost the child. She is miraculously coming back to life! Thanks for praying.

Please pray for Alexis, a young woman who was a member of the church but had gone astray. She visited at Thanksgiving and promised to return. Pray also for Liz, another young woman who had dropped out of church but has been coming since Thanksgiving.

Please pray for Steve who recently made a profession of faith. He has been attending church but has not started discipleship yet.

Please pray that the Lord would raise up a worship leader and an outreach leader to come and help us as we move forward in developing and establishing the church in Pennsauken.

Finally, our building project in Pennsauken is progressing. In July we began a Capital Campaign Fund Raising Drive with the goal of raising $100,000. We praise the Lord that as of last Sunday, we have raised a total of $14,310 thus far!

We are truly grateful for your faithful prayers and generous support. May God richly bless you. 

Tom and Carol Phillips – Apollos

Prayer Letter

As I write this I am in Guam on my way to Chuuk later this evening.  I have with me a computer that needed to be repaired and the new programs that will need to be installed on the computers.  In all, there are five computers that will need to be programmed for the coming year.  I will be preaching twice.  Also I brought with me a projector that will replace the one that has failed at Grace International Baptist Church.

The trip to the Philippines went well.  We were able to get some dental work done (seven crowns, one root canal and one implant) for both of us.  Made a trip to Leyte to visit missionaries.  The wife is the daughter of a man that was a deacon of Temple Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, VA when we served as pastor there.  Was able to teach a couple classes at the Bible College, visit the church Jade pastors in Talin and meet with several pastors that we have had teaching sessions in the past with John who is now with the Lord.

Temple Baptist Church provided the funds to purchase a new motor cycle for Jade.  He is attending Bible college which takes up to two and a half hours by local transportation each way up to four times a week.  This will reduce his time and stress for his commute to college.

Christmas trees are being decorated, light are being strung and shipping is getting in full swing.  Let’s be careful that we do not give things more priority than the Christ that came to this earth that he might die and satisfy Gods demands for sin.  Remember the Christmas and Easter are connected.