Paul and Janet Robinson – Church Planters at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church in Camden, NJ

Prayer Letter

I am writing to thank you for your prayers and support this past month and to give you a recap of some of the things that have happened here in November. On Saturday, November 4th, our ladies had a wonderful fellowship at the church. One of the ladies gave a powerful testimony of the trials in her family and how God is working in her life and the life of her household. Many tears were shed in this meeting! Then on November 25th, at our men’s fellowship, the lady’s husband shared his testimony of how God is growing him up spiritually through the trials and struggles that he and his family are going through. The fellowship was great! Also, on Wednesday, November 22nd, we had a good evening of praise, thanksgiving and testimonies as our people shared what God has been doing in their lives this past year! This coming Sunday one of our supporting churches is coming down to minister in our morning service and we are also looking forward to receiving a new member in our church.

Earlier this month the Lutheran church voted to rent a part of their facility to us on Sunday mornings. We are still working on the paperwork and plan to have our first service there on Sunday, January 7, 2018! Please pray for us as we are in the process of working out all of the logistics of meeting at this location on Sunday mornings. Also, please continue to pray regarding our building project that everything goes smoothly as we move forward in completing the Phase II environmental work and the site planning, etc. Yesterday, Janet told me that she felt impressed to drive around the property several times praying as she circled around; and this morning I was out there praying also. Our prayer is that God would begin to work in people’s hearts so that souls would be saved and lives would be changed as He raises up a lighthouse in the community of Pennsauken.

This month baby Manuel had two surgeries to make adjustments to the shunt; however, he is moving right along. The feeding tube has been removed and he is now feeding from a bottle! Please continue praying for him and his parents. Please pray for Jamar who is out in Ohio at Off-The-Wall ministries. I spoke to him on Thanksgiving Day and he is doing well. Pray also for Off-The-Wall Ministries. They are doing a great job with the many young men and women who are there seeking to find God’s way and will for their lives. Yesterday Janet took Danaysha (who is now a mom) to a job interview, and she was offered a job. Janet is also working on teaching her how to drive. Please remember our young people in your prayers. We are desperately in need someone to come and work with them!

Earlier this month Janet had to go down to Florida to help her mom who is dealing with various medical issues. We praise the Lord for raising up two individuals in the neighborhood where she lives who volunteered to assist in helping to look out for her. This is a miracle and a great blessing and mental relief to Janet and me! This Sunday after church, Janet and I will be driving up to Toronto to visit my mom who is not doing well physically and asked me to come up and see her. Also, please continue to pray for my dad’s salvation. Two years ago he was at death’s door and the Lord miraculously brought him back; however, at 92 he still does not see his need to commit his life to Christ. Please pray.

There are many things happening here from day to day, too many to share it all. Thanks again for your prayers and support. May God richly bless you.

Walter and Beverly McDonald – Church Planters at Providence Baptist Church in Tallahassee, FL

Prayer Letter

The Apostle Paul wrote, “Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.” (II Corinthians 9:15) Paul came to this conclusion to encourage believers to give by contrasting what God has given and that no man can out give God. This gift that God given man, through believing on His Son, is so stupendous that mere words are not enough to describe it. As we celebrate another Christmas season, let us stay focused on God’s matchless gift of His Son and our Savior.


  • Although 2017 proved to be a very challenging year for the ministry, God was gracious.
  • Although our goal of eight new families to join Providence was not realized, we did see several individuals join.
  • The Bread Ministry, which is our outreach program for the community, continues to be a blessing. Our men travel to Quincy, FL every Friday and bring back for distribution surplus fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, bread, yogurt and other items such as vitamins, blankets and sometimes, meat. As many as 65-80 families benefit from this program. Only a few come the next day to church.
  • Evangelist Randy Chovan was our Revival speaker this year.
  • Our Saturday Visitation program yields many decisions for Christ. Some folks were discipled.
  • Several people followed the Lord in Believer’s Baptism.
  • Vacation Bible School. Weather caused a decreased in attendance this year.
  • The Men’s Fellowship is doing well.
  • Harvest Feast. We invited the community to the Annual Harvest Feast which is held the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The Word was heard, then over 100 folks enjoyed the traditional Thanksgiving meal with all of the trimmings at the Community Center across the street.


  • Please pray that the Lord will send a pastor willing to take this “missions” status church to the next level.
  • Please pray that the Lord will send more willing workers into this “Harvest” field.
  • Please pray that the Lord will keep Bev and I in relative good health.
  • Please pray that the Lord will increase the Sunday School.
  • Please pray that the Lord will bring more souls to himself and that we may be able to disciple them.
  • Please pray that the Lord will equip the saints to do the work of the ministry.
  • Please pray that the Lord will give us wisdom and patience to wait upon His direction.
  • Please pray that eh Lord will the new additions to our family. Two granddaughters were born this year bringing us to a “grand” total of five.
  • Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless our daughter-in-law, Jessica Martin, who has        miraculously battled stomach for nine years.

Within the commercialization of Christmas, many people, in their search for gifts have omitted receiving “The Greatest Gift,”Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, especially to them that believe! Bev and I thank God for the gift of your partnership, love and support. May the gift of our God’s presence in our lives make this Christmas one that will fill our hearts with His joy and hope. We thank our God for every remembrance of you.

Herb and Wanda Taylor – Coordinators of Hispanic Ministries

Monday, Dec. 4

We’ve set a goal for us to reach before the end of January 2018. Would you please watch this brief video and then pray for this special need? Thank you so much for your faithful encouragement and prayers.

Brent and Michele Howard – Builders

Prayer Letter

In September, I wrote a prayer letter about the challenges that 2017 has held for our family. Little did I know…

In construction, one of the biggest challenges for contractors is change orders. If you have been involved in a big construction project, you may have some experience with change orders. When the home or business owner decides he wants something different done on his project after the construction has already begun, the general contractor will negotiate a change order to the contract. Change orders are generally time consuming and expensive, but often create something beautiful in the construction project. In our ministry, we aim to meet all the church’s desires, to a point! So, although there are changes, they typically are not a contractual negotiation.

In life, we also experience change orders. We are going along constructing our plans according to God’s Word when we suddenly have an unplanned event come into our lives. These change orders can be joyous events such as a new relationship, a pregnancy, or a job promotion. They also can be not so exciting occurrences like an accident, job change, or sudden illness.

Our family has recently experienced several of these change orders. In October, we had a nephew, Cody Carroll, get married to his beautiful bride, Camille. We are blessed by this change order in our extended family. On that same day, we experienced a not so exciting change order. At the wedding, it became clear that Michele’s mom, Sue Carroll needed to visit the emergency room as something was clearly wrong. It was that evening that she was diagnosed with a tumor on her pancreas. After more tests, it has been determined that she has stage three pancreatic cancer and the tumor is inoperable. We are shocked by this change order, but we know who issued this particular change and are confident that our Loving Heavenly Father has the perfect plan to create something beautiful in each of our lives. She is currently in much pain and so she has begun radiation to help ease the pain. We are praying that the tumor might shrink away from the main artery in the area of the pancreas thus making surgery an option. Of course, we are also praying for God to work a miracle in her body if that is His will, and we are asking God to lessen her pain.

Our ministry is also in the middle of a change order. As most of you will remember from previous prayer letters, the project at First Baptist Church of Niles, OH has not progressed according to our timeline. We received word in October that our plans were rejected again by the building department and so they were corrected and resubmitted. A deadline for beginning construction of the addition was set for November 13th. When the plans were rejected again, it became clear that the addition was not going to be able to happen this year. We may not ever completely understand the reason for the delays and postponements of this project, but one thing we have come to realize is the blessing that it has been being in Ohio making it easier to travel back and forth to help Michele’s mom since we were not able to start in Dryden, NY on September 1, as was originally planned.

Thank you for all the prayers for my mom. Please keep praying for God’s will to be done in her treatments, healing, pain management, witnessing to care givers and unsaved family members. Also continue to pray for peace for all of us concerning God’s change order for her life.

We praise the Lord for successful trips to Pennsylvania, New York, and Iowa in the end of October and the beginning of November.

We are so thankful for each of you that write, pray, give of your time, give financially, and show your care! We thank God upon every remembrance of you! Col. 1:3

We praise the Lord for several special monetary gifts for the truck fund and for Christmas.

A verse that has meant much to my mom during this time provides comfort for each of us as we go through difficult change orders. Jer 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

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Eunice Johnson – Retired, living in Northglenn, CO

Prayer Letter

I can hardly believe it is this special time of year already. I have lived at Northglenn Heights for over a year now, but am still adjusting to a “planned” living of dining, etc. I have made several new friends and am happy for that.

I am thankful Randy and Doris live in my vicinity, so I have transportation to Calvary Baptist Church, where I am joining. One of my new friends visited with me recently.

How am I doing? Quite well. I have lost five pounds because of my long indoor walk to the dining room three or four times a day.

I am thankful for all you special friends that Bud and I have had these fifty years of our church planting ministry. Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support.