Bob and Penny Toomer – Associate Church Planters in Grantville, UT

Prayer Letter

Happy 2018 to everyone! We have hit the ground running. Pastor Ron and Bob have been working on events and activities for this year and the calendar is filling up quickly.

As we finished 2017, the church saw a new couple join and another family return and become faithful in attendance. Another young couple has started coming and we are enjoying getting to know them.

We brought in the new year with games, food and a film at the church. It was a great time of fellowship. Teen Time is in full swing again. We have really missed our older teens that have graduated out and are attending college but are thrilled to see the younger ones get excited about the activities and Bible study time. We’ll have an overnight teen activity in Feb. with a couple other churches that includes ice skating and snow tubing. The teens are looking forward to that. At times like these we really feel the age difference between us and them. It is a great time to make new friends and see old ones.

The teens will also host our annual Valentine’s banquet for the adults in the church. They become creative in their decorating and love serving the meal. The adults look forward to it as well. We are thankful for the heart of the church to allow the young people the opportunity to serve others.

March is filling up fast. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated as we have some major events coming up. We have the Faith Baptist Bible College Choral group coming on the 17th and 18th and the annual statewide youth rally, which Mountain View hosts, is March 30-31. We are going to “sneak” a family wedding for Ben and Amber in between these events on the 24th.

We are earnestly seeking a place to purchase for the church. The rent we pay for the store fronts would make a nice building payment and it looks like new management is possibly going to be raising the rent this year. Please pray that some property would come up to purchase and build on or that some building would open up that can be remodeled to meet our needs. We need the space and we want to be wise stewards with the Lord’s money.

Pastor Ron and Kathy have some traveling to do in January and February for the Northwest mission. Please pray for safety for their travels and for contacts to be made of those willing to come West to help the ministries here and for Bob as he picks up extra responsibilities here.

The teen girls’ Sunday school class that Penny was teaching wrapped up and we have seen a real openness in the girls. There was great interaction and lots of questions at the end. Lyndsey came to know the Lord as her Savior. We are so thankful for answered prayers there.

Our greatest prayer for 2018 is for that God will continue to open up opportunities to share the Gospel.

Family news:

As stated earlier, Ben and Amber will be getting married on March 24th. There is much to be done but we are very excited for them. Heidi is in the midst of a job change. She was able to spend five weeks in Indiana helping to take care of Penny’s mom who has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. Bethany, Matthew and family continue to keep busy. Matthew enjoys teaching English on the university campus. Melissa and Bobby continue to work with Bobby’s parents in Alabama. The five grandchildren continue to be a blessing. We are thankful for technology to keep in touch regularly with them.

We are thankful for and appreciate your prayers and monthly financial support.

Prayer Requests:

  • Property for Mountain View Baptist Church
  • Out reach into Grantsville
  • Witnessing opportunities
  • Teens- spiritual growth, Upcoming activities in Feb. and March.
  • Scheduling for round pen demonstrations for 2018


  • A new young couple is coming to church.
  • We received a sizable Christmas gift that will help towards another vehicle to replace our van.

Orlando and Debbie Collazo – Church Planters at Fellowship Baptist Church in Lorain, OH

Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partners:

Thank you so much for all your faithful prayers. Much has happened since our last newsletter. As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we have moved to our back building due to some financial reasons and it has been a good choice for our congregation.

The Lord has been giving us different opportunities to meet and reach out to people in our community and we have been blessed to have a few new regular visitors. We are looking to continue in our efforts to fulfill the “Great Commission”. Thus, our goal/vision for 2018 is the following:

  • Make disciples amongst the multi-cultural groups in the “International” city of Lorain and its vicinity. Each church member is being challenged to pray for, witness to and invite at least five individuals this year by expanding our “fan base”. “FANS”: F= family members and friends; A= acquaintance or associates at work or play; N= neighbors; S= strangers the Lord may bring our way. Please pray that each person at Fellowship Baptist Church would take up this challenge this year and allow us to see a numerical and spiritual growth in the church.
  • Please continue to pray for Fellowship Baptist as it works toward the goal of becoming a self-supporting church, graduating from mission status under Baptist Church Planters.
  • Please pray for one of our members, Jill Wickline who has suffered with MS for over twenty years. She has faithfully served the Lord from her wheelchair and raised an 18-year-old who is now ready to enter into the Navy. She is a beautiful, godly woman who needs to have an operation that cannot be done until she acquires a $20,000 Dolphin Bed. Her insurance will not cover it, so a GO FUND ME account has been set up. At the present, she has raised $9,010. If you feel led to help reach her goal, please go to:

With the fall season comes the beginning of our Bible Clubs, All-church fall kickoff, Harvest meal, Christmas meal and programs, discipleship and baptismal classes, and the visiting of supporting churches to report and update individuals on what God is doing here in Lorain, Ohio. This year we visited Open Door Baptist in NY, Bakerburg Baptist in PA, IEB in PA, Altoona Baptist in IA, Grace Fellowship Baptist in FL, and Maranatha Baptist in FL. We also spoke at Camp Patmos, Kelly’s Island, OH and Iowa Baptist Camp (Spanish Retreat).

We have been blessed with a few new regular visitors. Please continue to pray with us as we seek to follow God’s leading on how best to be used by HIM.


  • For God to continue growing His church, both spiritually and numerically, especially in Lorain.
  • That He would strengthen, encourage and grant victory to the young families in our church that are undergoing strong attacks by the enemy.
  • For more laborers who can help with the call of God’s Church to go and make disciples (Matt. 28:19, 20) We need more help!
  • That God would help both us and our children to sincerely desire to love and serve our Lord in all that we do and to not succumb to discouragement.

Thank you once more for your continued support and prayers for the ministry in Lorain, OH. May our precious Lord bless you greatly both spiritually and physically in 2018.

Tom and Carol Phillips – Apollos

Prayer Letter

We have returned from 95-degree temperatures to single digit readings. There are always things to be thankful for. Checked the weather in Camden, New York, where we were two years ago, and it was -15.

Carol has been in to see her primary doctor and has checked with a cardiologist and they are monitoring her blood pressure. Still tires easily but is improving and we thank you for praying for her.

For several years now we have gone to the Philippines. You might recall this started because Jade Castro was saved out of the ministry in Chuuk and then returned to his homeland of the Philippines. It has been my joy to work with Jade over the years and to encourage and give counsel when needed. This opened up the door to work with a missionary, John Driebeck, that joined the mission board the same time we did. He works with national pastors and this opened the door to have teaching sessions with Filipino pastors. I met Phil Kamibayashiyama who is the director of the Bob Jones Memorial College and Seminary in Manila and this opened the door that we could teach in some classes. Doug Bachrik and Tim Berrey are two professors at the college and they have been a blessing and great help in our visits to the Philippines. Both men and their wives were of special help to us on this last visit in giving advice and help when Carol became sick. I thank God for these men and the friendship and help they have been to us.

When we pass through Guam either coming or going, it is generally only for a few hours. Harvest Baptist Church has been a supporting church from the beginning of our ministry in Chuuk. They have often provided transportation and a room to stay. In the past we often stayed with Allan Abrahamson, a true friend who is now in the States. The past few visits we have stayed with Joe Henson. This may not seem like much, but when you leave at 4 in the morning, or your ride does not come and you have to wake them to see about getting to the airport, it makes friendship more than words.

In Chuuk we stay at the Truk Stop Hotel. The hotel is owned by Bill and Kiki Stenntte. They have been more than gracious to the ministry in Chuuk. The radio equipment is located in the hotel making it financially possible to carry on that ministry.

Carol and I thank the Lord for these very special people. You probably will never meet them on earth, but you will meet them in haven.

Now as to the trip to the Philippines and Chuuk. We were able to accomplish the purpose for going and encourage you to continue to pray for Jade. He desires to get more education, but time and cost is a problem.

In Chuuk we also were able to accomplish the goal. Joseph is learning well the automation system for the radio. The church has had a slight decline in attendance and we were able to point out what might be a few problems. Churches are churches whether here or in Chuuk or the Philippines and the problems are often the same. Pray with us that God will give them wisdom and steadfastness in the days ahead. O yes, I did bring back a computer. Carol asks, “Will there ever be a trip when we do not go or return with a computer?” The answer, “I don’t know.”

Thank you for praying for us. God is answering prayer. We are fellow laborers together in God’s vineyard.

Jim and Janice Mitchell – Church Planters at Thousand Oaks Baptist Church in Thousand Oaks, CA

Friday, Jan. 5

Thank you for your ongoing prayer and support. Jared and Becca are preparing to move to Salt Lake City at the end of the month to join Gospel Grace Church and its efforts to plant Baptist churches in that area. Please pray for them to be able to raise the financial support they will need to be plugged in there.

We are presently in discussion with a 3-year-old church plant in Colorado whose pastor is leaving. We would take up the work and by God’s grace help it grow and get a building. Please pray for the move because they make it very expensive to leave California.

Here at Thousand Oaks Baptist Church, the pulpit committee is interacting with a couple who were in Brazil for a while planting churches and are therefore fluent in Spanish. We are praying that God will make all the connections and place the right people together in all these situations. God is at work!

Paul and Janet Robinson – Church Planters at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church in Camden, NJ

Sunday, Jan. 7

I am writing to thank you for praying for us as we re-launched the church in Pennsauken. We had our first service in the rented facility today. Even though the temperature here started off in the single digit this morning and in some areas of Camden and Pennsauken the side roads were a layer of compacted snow, the Lord blessed us and we had a great service! Some of our members and regular attendees were absent and many folks who had promised to visit did not come; however, we had a total of sixty in attendance. Our goal was seventy-five. This Wednesday we’ll be back in Camden for our Bible study and prayer. Please pray that what the Lord has started in Pennsauken will be developed into a great church for His glory! Thanks again for your prayers and support. God bless you.