Carlos and Issa Vasquez – Church Planters at Iglesia Biblica Bautista la Roca

Issa passed away last week. The funeral will be Thursday, July 12 at 7:00 pm at Iglesia Biblica Bautista “Vida Nueva” in Castro Valley, CA. The burial service will be on Saturday at 11:00 am. Continue to pray for the family. Cards may be sent to Carlos and the kids at 2233 Sol Street, San Leandro, CA 94578. 

John and Willie Mae Williams – BCP Representative/Consultant

John has not had any energy lately so the doctor has ordered a heart cath for tomorrow, July 12. Pray that they will get answers and be able to remedy this lack of energy. 

Tim and Susan Heinrich – Church Builders at Crossroads Baptist Church in Tracy, CA

Wednesday, July 11

Crossroads is having a wonderful week of VBS. They are praying for 100 children tonight. The turnout is a huge increase over the attendance in the past few years. Pray for souls to be saved and follow-up opportunities in the next few weeks. 

A Pinch of SALT – Senior Adults Living Triumphantly, BCP Retirees

  • Carol Ciocca – Carol is doing much better physically after a couple of cortisone shots, physical therapy and rest. She is hoping to be able to assist with the children’s clubs, church activities and band concerts.
  • Jim and Sandy Spellman – Jim and Sandy are both doing better physically as well. Sandy has completely recovered from her surgery, but Jim still has to get shot in his eye every twelve weeks. They ask for prayer for the deaf community, their churches, and the leaders of our country. Please specifically pray for their deaf friend that may lose his foot because of a sore that won’t heal.

Wayne and Shanna Dale – Church Planters at Grace Baptist Church in Scottsdale, AZ

Prayer Letter

Thank you for your prayers, notes and support for our family and this ministry. We currently are under contract with a potential buyer for our home. We just received a note that we made it past the buyer’s inspection stage. This is a praise. The projected “closing” would be July 26th. We are also praying specifically for another house. The prior house we had chosen could not be finalized because it was contingent upon the sale of our house. It is now unavailable, and we are searching for another that will have great proximity, the right price, be good for people, and bring peace of mind. That is our specific prayer. We are thankful for your prayers and have witnessed God’s sovereignty through this process. It is an encouragement to hear each of the family pray and reaffirm their faith when we witness specific answers to prayers.

We took a short break and headed south to Puerto Peñasco for a few days. It is located in Mexico and is located on the Sea of Cortez. While some are hesitant to cross our southern border, we have experience and are grateful for the privilege.

We are thankful for Shanna’s parents letting us stay with them and this trip gave them time to enjoy temporary peace from a family of six. It also lets us practice our Spanish. Also, please pray for safety as we will be driving to Iowa for the BCP meetings with the other missionaries.

Our summer has been quieter and less eventful due to our circumstances. Most of our house is in storage and even our wardrobe is limited. The kids were unable to go to camp this year because we were planning to move during those weeks. We have seen guests at church which is an encouragement and blessing during the summer. For those in states that have winter, our summer is when many people escape the heat and flee for cooler climates. However, God continues to be faithful and we have had a steady attendance. We also have been collecting water for some of the local shelters. There are many homeless and many people with needs that stop by the church. We recently were sharing the gospel with an individual and while they knew the process, there had been no real evidence of fruit in their lives.

This fall our church will seek to answer the following questions: How can we be visible? How can we make a specific impact? How can we be personable? How can we share the Gospel? We also plan to have missionaries in during these months and we look forward to hearing about what God is doing in other parts of our world.

Thank you for being a part of this ministry and our prayer is that we respond correctly to the circumstances that God places us in so that we can honor Him. 

Chip and Karen Wood – BCP Youth Ministry Director

Prayer Letter

The weeks since we last communicated with you have passed very quickly! There never seems to be a lack of work and ministry to be accomplished. We enjoyed a “staycation” for a few days in June, which allowed us time to get many projects accomplished at home as well as some extra rest and time with our children. We celebrated family birthdays as well as our 28th anniversary. MANY thanks to those who sent greetings and well wishes. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated very much.

A lot of teacher training seminars in schools and churches took place over the last few weeks. Many are finding these seminars valuable. If you have not been to our Applying Truth website, please visit to not only see what is offered but to pray for us as we keep the workshops fresh, interesting and useful with pertinent information. If you are considering scheduling a seminar, now is the time to plan as you gear up for fall ministries again.

Chip has a full summer of camp speaking scheduled in the coming weeks. In 1998, God called us into camp ministry and we learned much about the aspects of directing a camp and “pioneering”, as Pastor Pete Jenks called it. Twenty years later we are still passionate about the camp ministry. As Chip speaks (typically nine times throughout a camp week), the rest of the family prays fervently for God to do a mighty work in camper’s lives. Please pray for God to effectively use Chip throughout the coming weeks at Whispering Cedars Baptist Camp in Nebraska. Pray for camper’s lives to me spiritually challenged and changed!

Another major project is set to be finished in the coming weeks. The writing of the next study in the teen program, Fire of Holiness and Love, is near completion after a year of work. We are thankful for those in the office at Baptist Church Planters who are so helpful in editing and formatting. Please pray as we get this project finalized and ready for fall distribution.


  • For Chip as speaks at Whispering Cedars Baptist Camp in Nebraska and area church from July 9-29.
  • For the final edits and printing of Teen Expeditions volume three to be completed and ready for distribution.
  • For Karen’s mom as she continues to heal and gain strength from surgery. She has had setbacks with infection and healing.
  • Two faithful churches recently notified us that they will no longer be able to support us. This will drop our support below 95%.
  • Wisdom in scheduling fall visits to supporting churches.
  • Praise the Lord for a great week of speaking at Camp Patmos in June.
  • Praise the Lord for many miles of safe travels and a recent ministry trip to Pennsylvania.
  • Praise the Lord! A significant gift from a donor has helped immensely with travel expenses.
  • Praise the Lord for new contacts and training opportunities.