Carlos and Issa Vasquez – Church Planters at Iglesia Biblica Bautista la Roca

Be in prayer for Carlos as Issa passed away early this morning. Also pray for their children and extended family, especially Issa’s mother. We will publish more information about her memorial service as decisions are made. 

A Pinch of SALT – Senior Adults Living Triumphantly, BCP Retirees

  • Don and Linda Chilson – God is good and worthy to be praised. Don is still on the antibiotic and has been for almost a month. He is to see the doctor next week. The probable cause of all the symptoms was from the heart oblation and is a residual side effect from surgery. Everyone that checked him says “he’s normal”. Don doesn’t like that kind of normal which includes lack of sleep and strength, weight loss, and no energy, but he is so much better than before the surgery. He now gets decent sleep, has more energy and more focus. He is now riding bikes with Linda, who is doing remarkably great since her surgery. Prayer changes things! We now slow down and smell the roses. We just admire the handiwork of God as we ride the bikes on the trails. This morning while looking up into the sky we looked at the moon and said, “God left the night light on for us to see.” Thanks for the prayers.
  • Patricia Hicks – Patricia has been treated for swelling in her legs and feet. She appreciates everyone at BCP and certainly appreciates the prayer. One of the big praises that she has concerns her granddaughter who several months ago underwent very serious surgery. Her granddaughter is doing very well which is a huge answer to prayer.
  • Fred Henzler – Please continue to pray for Fred as he deals with medical issues. He appreciates our prayer.

Bob and Penny Toomer – Associate Church Planters in Grantville, UT

Prayer Letter

The round pen season is in full swing. It is exciting to see the Lord working in lives. Bob flew to Washington, Iowa June 2nd and 3rd to do a round pen demonstration before a rodeo. The horse hadn’t had any handling and Bob only had 45 minutes to work it so the progress with the horse was minimal, but Bob was able to share some godly principles during this time.

On June 16-17 we headed to Farmington, NM for a round pen weekend on the Reservation. The Navaho family, the Jims, have hosted this event for 15 years. They have a burden for the Navaho people to hear the gospel and benefit from some horse training. The morning starts at 10:00 with the training of horses in two round pens. This continues until 1:00 when lunch is served. During this time, Pastor Burson shares from God’s Word. This year there was a young man, Leon, that shared his testimony with the group. He shared how he was saved from a life of alcohol and other vices. He gave a clear challenge as to the Lord being the only answer to his problems. It was such a refreshing time to see someone’s life so changed by the Lord and his boldness to share this with his people.

We were in Elko, Nevada the next weekend. It was a great time of fellowship. The horse was provided by an LDS man that has been quite closed to the gospel. He was very attentive to the training process that Bob was doing with his 2-year-old filly. Bob had gained his respect as a trainer so he was courteous to listen when Bob shared the gospel at the end of the session. Please pray for salvation for those that don’t know the Lord and for believers who are struggling with anxiety for the future to find peace in the Lord.

Bob flew to Ithaca, New York on June 28 for a 3-day clinic and to minister at the Sunday service. There were many opportunities to teach spiritual truths and present the gospel with small groups of people.

Still ahead:

  • July 12-14 Horse camp in Colorado
  • July 17-20 BCP family camp in Ankeny, IA
  • July 29-Aug.4 Horsemanship camp at UtIBaCa
  • August 5-11 Hispanic camp at UtIBaCa
  • August 18 Round pen in Santaquin, UT
  • August 24-25 Round Pen in Gallup, NM

It has been a really good traveling season so far. Bob had a glitch on his New York trip that had him spend the night in the Chicago airport on the way home and the airlines misplaced his saddle for a short time but we are thankful for each opportunity to minister with these churches. Please continue to pray for safety on the roads, safety and wisdom for Bob as he works the horses, and that hearts will be open to the gospel. Our Vacation Bible School will be July 9th-13th. Please pray for us as we canvas the newly developed areas of Grantsville inviting young people to come. Grantsville is booming in home building so we know there are new families that don’t have any idea our church is here. We are striving to make our presence in the community known.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

  • Property for Mountain View Baptist Church
  • Out reach into Grantsville
  • Witnessing opportunities
  • Fruitful ministry through the round pen outreach.
  • Vacation Bible SchoolJuly 9-13 Praises:
  • The Lord has provided a 2014 Chevy cruz to replace our Honda Odyssey
  • Kris- newly moved to the area, has begun to attend Mountain View.

Thank you for your prayers and support. 

Paul and Janet Robinson – Church Planters at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church in Camden, NJ

Friday, June 29

Thanks for praying for travel safety for Janet and me to and from Toronto. We arrived in Toronto on Tuesday and got home at 1:00 A.M. this morning. We were able to spend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday visiting with my Mom in two hospitals. On Wednesday, she was transferred to the rehab facility at the second hospital and will be there for at least another two weeks. She is a fairly strong 92-year-old, but is unable to walk on her own at this time. Please continue to pray for her various health issues.

This Sunday, a missionary from Papua, New Guinea will be sharing his ministry at our church. Please pray that hearts will be touch with the need of reaching a lost world for Christ.

Please pray that the unsaved guests that visited the church last week will return this Sunday; at least one person that I am aware of indicated that she is considering coming back on Sunday.

Tuesday, July 3

Please pray for seven of our teenage young people as they are attending Bible camp this week. They will be returning home on Saturday morning. Please pray that the Lord will quiet their hearts and speak to them while they are away. Three of them are not saved.

On my way home from church last Sunday, I passed by the house of a neighbor whose lawn has not been cut for many weeks and was badly overgrown. I stopped and asked if she would mind if I cut the lawn for her. She said that her lawn mower has been broken and she graciously asked me to do it for her. Earlier today, I went by and cut her lawn. While I was working, Janet had the opportunity to share the plan of salvation with the lady and her sister. Please pray for both ladies – Toni and Terry; they are unsaved. We praise the Lord for giving us the opportunity to connect with them, and looking forward to develop a relationship with them with the hope of seeing them come to know the Lord as their personal Savior.

Thanks for praying. Have a happy Fourth of July! God bless you.

Jim and Janice Mitchell – church planters at Gospel Life Church in Fort Collins, CO

Monday, July 2

We had a good Sunday service as we are working our way through I Corinthians 1. We were able to have one of our young families with two little children over for dinner after church with Jamin and Jess. We are also having a BBQ at one of our family’s home on Tuesday night for the church family and we have some visitors coming. Last week I had lunch with a local pastor who brought up the possibility of a merge between our church and his. Please pray that God would give wisdom if that conversation continues. His church has a building and land but has been in decline and are seniors.

We are happy to announce that Thousand Oaks had their first Sunday with their new pastor and it went very well. Please pray for the church as they work through this adjustment period.