Jim and Janice Mitchell – Church Planters at Thousand Oaks Baptist Church in Thousand Oaks, CA

Friday, June 9

Let me share a couple of blessings that are a result of your prayers and God’s goodness. Last Sunday night one couple brought four visitors to the service – family and friends.  This Thursday night one of our guys brought another guy to our Men’s Bible study that he met and built a relationship with.  This is what we need and it is exciting to see our people involved.

Also, our friend Jack came out from Colorado and helped us with several projects. We are starting to get caught up with a lot of the maintenance needs after two years of going after it.  We even had time for some horseshoes.  Our projects included: Swing and Play set; Seal, tar and paint church roof; Planting bushes and running drip line.

Paul and Janet Robinson – Church Planters at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church in Camden, NJ

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Yesterday the doctor informed Kisha that after further testing, they discovered that Mike actually had two strokes – one on either side of his brain! They are now trying to figure out what caused this to happen. They will be doing a major procedure to look at the back of his heart today. Please keep him in your prayers that everything goes well.

Monday, June 12

Please continue to pray for Mike. On Saturday he was discharged from the hospital and taken to an inpatient rehab facility; however, yesterday afternoon they noticed that his speech reverted to being slurred again among other issues. They immediately rushed him to hospital. At 9:00 last night the hospital scheduled him for an MRI. We are still awaiting the result of that test. Thanks for your continued prayer.

Tuesday, June 13

This is to let you know that Mike was sent back to the rehab facility last night. Praise the Lord he has regained his speech. They will now continue with the therapy. Kisha would like everyone to know that she is very thankful and encouraged by your prayers.

Many of you have asked for their address. It is: Michael and Kisha Barr, 1506 Lexington Avenue, Pennsauken, NJ 08110. Thanks again for praying.

Rob and Beth Worthington – Church Planters at Riverview Baptist Church in New Milford, CT

Prayer Letter

Hudson Taylor once said, “God isn’t looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him!” These past two months have been busy. We had a good monkey wrench thrown into our schedules. My wife had a plan to visit our daughter for five weeks, June 1-July 4. Crystal’s due date for her second was due about the 10th of June. Levi Springfield arrived on to the scene on the 14th of May, four weeks early, so Beth was able to get me on the same flights as her for our trip out. It was good to spend a week with the family, and Beth is still there helping Crystal through this time.

Beth’s mom is still not doing well. The doctors have been draining fluid from her body from time to time. Please continue to pray for Florence.

Ministry wise, we have been able to deliver about 18 of 24 “welcome jars” to new members of our community. I took two of our Latino young men to visit three Latinos in our community. We had visited one about three weeks ago and finally got back to the other two last night. We had two really good visits last night and started developing a good relationship with one “outsider.” Please pray for Juan and that our “welcome jars” truly touch the hearts of new move-ins in our community. I have received great reports and a lot of excitement by the others who have delivered jars.

Also a couple of men and I will be going through a thirty week accountability and leadership training program through BCP. It is a program to help develop leadership in our church, as well as preparing those in our church to be capable of training others, not only from our church, but for our church to become a training hub for other area churches. Please pray that this truly transforms our men into the leaders God wants them to become.

Roger and Frances Wells – Apollos

Prayer Letter

Frances and I are giving our God praise because everything He promises will come to pass when we fervently pray and wait upon Him. We are in our fifty-fifth year of reaching out to the lost sheep in the low income communities of our inner cities. The journey has always been a difficult struggle, but our loving Savior is always there when we need His help.

We are growing old gracefully; seventy-seven and eighty-three, but we keep going like Eveready batteries. Both of us are in excellent health. We have a gym in the village. Frances uses the stationary bicycle, tread mill, and does strength exercises, but her diabetes has caused her mobility to degenerate. She has to use her cane regularly, but when she has to walk in a large building like a mall, I have to take her walker. For longer distances, I have to push her in the wheelchair.

Three good reasons why we faithfully labor for the Lord. Romans 5:1-2 “Therefore, being justified by faith; we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” We have been justified by faith. We have access by faith into grace. We rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.

Therefore, we continue to faithfully serve in the ministries that God has given to us in Bible Baptist Church. Each Saturday Frances processes the new people that come to Joseph Pantry for food. I help her when she needs help. The same days I speak to the men who come to the Authentic Man Ministry.

Since Frances’ mobility is deteriorating, I have to do more to help her with the house work. Because of this, I thought it was best for me to drop some of the things I was doing in the community. That turned out to be a blessing from God because Eugene and I work as a team in doing outreach for the church. He fell in love with the Authentic Manhood ministry the first time I shared it with him. Brother Eugene is a young professor in two universities: Tampa University and University of South Florida. Both universities have responded, and Tampa University will use the Authentic Manhood Ministry this coming semester. A senior professor in South Florida University started the program in his church, and he is working toward getting it in the university as well.

On Friday nights, Frances and I labor to help men and women with addictions in the Reformer’s Unanimous ministry.

The apostle Paul said, “By the grace of God I am what I am.” I thank God for being a loving Father Who supplies all His children’s needs. He used you to supply our needs through your faithful support for so many years. We cannot thank you enough for your love. There is no way we could continue in the ministry if it were not for your faithful support.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our health and strength to continue until the time of our departure or the coming of our Lord.
  • Pray for New Life Community Baptist Church. It is still serving God in Providence, but it needs revival.
  • Pray for our new granddaughter born May 30th. Her name is Leola Faith Wells. She makes our twenty-fifth grandchild.

Tom and Carol Phillips – Apollos, former missionaries to Chuuk

Prayer Letter

A quick update:

This past Sunday I filled in for a church planter in Connecticut. The trip also gave us opportunity to visit two families that have supported us for years.  We were able to visit the Tuttles. You may remember that Harold was saved years ago as we took the boat from Virginia to California to be shipped to Chuuk.  We also were able to visit the Schneiders. They had been members of Temple Baptist Church years ago before we went to Chuuk and over the years have been faithful supporters.

Monday I will head out to Chuuk and return on June 30. It is time to inspect the radio equipment and install new radio programs.  This trip will be a little different as I will be taking one of our grandsons, Wesley, who is twelve years old. I also will be taking a computer that was donated.  Monitors were purchased along with a keyboard and mouse so they will be able to show Chuukese songs using power point.  The projector is one that I have that has seen very little use over the past few years and this will put it to good use.  A screen was purchased that the airline will treat as “special handling,” which just means it will cost a bit more.  We will arrive on Thursday and hope to have it ready to use on Sunday.

As always, we appreciate your prayer for us and that all the equipment will arrive in good condition. Often we do not take into consideration equipment, but if you have ever watched luggage loaded on a plane you will know our concern.  Also pray for Carol as she will be staying here in the States.

Miguel and Ana Maria Quintana – Church Planters at Iglesia Bautista in Seminole, FL

Prayer Letter

Through this letter, we are giving thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him and for those who support us bringing faith, encouragement, and teaching to others. We thank God for each of you, as with your prayers and unconditional support, you make it possible for us to carry out the development of the church here in Florida. We share that we are happy because we are going to see our families in the month of June. We hope to visit my mom, brothers and sisters, nephews, uncles and some churches as well in Colombia.

In February, we traveled to Tyler, Texas, to visit my tutor, Brother Wedrell “Wedge” Alman. He was the Director of the missionary program for the Hispanic world for 51 years in Youth with a Mission. He lived in Colombia for more than thirty years. The parents of his wife, Shirley Jacqueline Campbell, were the founders of Burton Avenue Baptist Church in Waterloo, Iowa. “Wedge” and Shirley were married in the same church. After going to see them, Wedge was with the Lord two weeks later. It was great to be together and share many of our memories of Colombia and South America!!!

In March, we attended the Leadership Missionary Conference in Ohio with Baptist Church Planters. Mentioned also during the conference was the slogan of William Carey: “EXPECT GREAT THINGS FROM GOD, attempt great things for God.” Pastor Richard VanHeukelum was one of the speakers invited by BCP. We returned with Pastor Rich to Atlantic City to visit the church where he is pastoring. The members asked us many questions about our ministry. In the small groups, they also asked us where it was that we met and how God united us to serve the Lord. We had a wonderful time with the Shawnee

Baptist Church and a very special time with Sister Connie Ercol. She was our guide showing us the city of New York.

We could see the need for Hispanic pastors there. Also, we learned from Connie that she experienced the tragedy of losing her daughter, a situation God turned into a blessing – “Victoria Ercol Memorial Foundation.” We were shocked by her testimony and thank God for people like the Ercol Family who have given part of their life in favor of the children of Ghana, Africa, along with a wonderful team of workers.

In May, we received our brother Bruce Burkholder, director of Editorial Bautista Independiente, who shared some topics of interest such as: The Bible model for the local church, Nature, Purpose, Preparation, Membership, Government, Pastor and Their officers. It was good to be able to review these points of interest together with the leaders of our church. At the same time, we also visited with our field director, Herbert Taylor of BCP, who was with us and who encouraged us in the task as church planters.

As church planters, we focus on building, educating, preaching the Word of God, and acting as a restraining force in this evil world. Each week we have our regular services of preaching, Bible studies, Awana, Sunday school, counseling, and chaplaincy. We have two families that have been very supportive to us. The Cornell family has been helping with the teaching and the Contreras family, with youth ministry and music. The Contreras family will be planting a church in California in July. Currently, I am preparing the new believers for the work of the ministry.

In addition, my wife and I have made a team that is ready for every necessary task. She is in charge of the ministry of the ladies, encouraging them to have devotional times, prayer and Bible studies. As for the ministry of the prisoners of Pinellas, each week I visit them to give them Bible studies. In the end I like to ask them if God is speaking to their hearts and if they want to have an encounter with their personal Savior. The most gratifying thing about this work is to see that every week some prisoners make their decision to put their trust in Christ.

Prayer Requests:

  • For the future of the church and spiritual growth of the new believers.
  • For the Contreras family and their vision for California.
  • Pray for the ministry of the prison.
  • God give us strength, health, and wisdom for our ministry.
  • For our needed missionary support.
  • For our trip to Colombia.
  • Ours sons Jonathan and David, theirs jobs and studies.

Eunice Johnson – Retired, living in Northglenn, CO

Prayer Letter

The past six months have been very busy for me in getting adjusted to new surroundings and making new acquaintances. I have tried to answer my personal mail, but sorry if somehow I missed you.

You ask about my health these days. I am happy to tell you that I am doing quite well with a few medications to take and doctors to look me over occasionally.  As 92 comes soon, I hope I don’t feel too much older.  Pray for me; I appreciate it.

Five years have already gone by since the Lord called Bud to Glory. I have missed him a lot.  Many of his Christian friends have joined him too.

I want to thank Randy and Doris, and other members of our family and friends who have helped me so much in getting what I have needed, and for all the friendship and love they have shown. Also, a special thanks for your church support each month or quarter.  You have been most faithful in your prayers and gifts.

Chip and Karen Wood – BCP Youth Ministry Director

Prayer Letter

It is with JOY, excitement and thanksgiving that we can report that our support has increased to 80%. We give God the glory for all that He continues to do in our life, the lives of our children and the life of BCP Youth Ministry. Praise the Lord!

The high school senior class of Emmanuel Baptist Academy from Penn Yan, NY, along with their sponsors worked alongside of us at the ministry center over the Memorial Day weekend. They chose BCP Youth Ministry as their 2017 service/senior trip and worked on several projects. One project was sanding and staining some new JOY Club Golden Eagle trophies. Just one day after they left, we received an order for seven trophies! The Lord knew that we needed their help at just the right time. Praise the Lord!

Throughout the month of May, Chip was able to make writing progress on the second volume of the Teen Expedition program entitled “Compass of Hope”. We are thankful for those that are helping to finalize this project with editing, revising, layout, graphics etc. There are churches waiting for this curriculum as a follow up to the volume one “Walk of Faith” material. Pray for the completion of this project. The Summit Award that goes with this program has been well received and currently over half of our initial inventory as been distributed. Praise the Lord!

We recently met with and advised four new churches who are praying about and planning to change their children’s ministry over to JOY Club in the fall. Praise the Lord!

Johnathon has received an overwhelming response to his internship with ChurchCare this summer! We are very grateful to those who have supported him with prayer, encouragement and finances. He absolutely loves the work that he’s doing and the ChurchCare builders that he’s working with. Praise the Lord!

We were able to make a quick trip to Faith Baptist Bible College in May as Elizabeth graduated with her degree in Secondary English Education. She will be teaching high school English at Isaac Newton Christian Academy in Cedar Rapids, IA. God allowed confirmation of His will! Housing and MANY details fell into place very quickly for Elizabeth. Praise the Lord!

Summer ministry has officially begun and Chip is at Iowa Regular Baptist Camp over the next two weeks speaking to junior campers in the evening chapel hour…..boys this week and girls next week. PRAY that hearts would be impacted, that lives would be changed for the Lord’s service and that God would EFFECTIVELY use Chip to clearly communicate HIS WORD to these precious young lives. We are already REJOICING that several spiritual decisions were reported after the Monday evening chapel hour! PRAISE THE LORD!

We will be on the road for seven of the next eight weeks with camps, conference, a week of VBS ministry as the missionary speaker and more. Please pray for fruitful ministry and effectiveness in the various opportunities that God has allowed us to be involved in.