A Pinch of SALT – Senior Adults Living Triumphantly, BCP Retirees

  • Bill and Celia Heydens – Please remember the Heydens in prayer as Bill has been quite sick since Sunday. They also ask for prayer for salvation for Celia’s doctor and his brother, who lives in Jerusalem.
  • Fred Henzler – Fred continues to have dizziness, especially when he gets up at night. Please remember him in prayer.


 Peter and Mary Lou Jenks – Church Planters at Victory Baptist Church in Fullerton, NE

Wednesday, June 27

On Sunday we did have our baptism service at the lake. In spite of forecasts that were ominous, the evening hours were perfect–sunny, 80 degrees, blue sky with some fluffy clouds and no wind (a rarity for Nebraska). Victory Baptist Church now has twelve new members. To God be the glory. By the way, by Monday morning we had received nearly two inches of rain and another came during the day.

Needless to say our first day of Day Camp was a wet one, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the kids or leaders. We had 95 kids and today we were at 98. Praise the Lord. The team from First Baptist of Elyria, Ohio is doing a great job. Please pray for the rest of the week and for the closing program on Friday night to be well attended by families. Thank you.

Brent and Michele Howard – Builders with ChurchCare

Prayer Letter

We greet you enthusiastically and thank you for your faithfulness to our family and ministry despite our unfaithfulness to this form of communication. Much of our communication lately has been to those on Facebook and some texting, so we apologize if you are not a part of that type of communication and thus are less informed than we would like you to be.

Each member of our family is learning some major life lessons right now and we would love to take some time to share them with you. So in this letter, you will hear about Michele’s life lessons from the home going of her mother, also, Brent’s life lessons in regards to being separated from loved ones. Then, we will share Riley’s life lessons from his construction work. Finally, we’ll write about Ryanne’s life lessons regarding graduation and college.

So it brings me much sadness and joy to write about my mother going home to Heaven. Losing a parent has taught me an important life lesson about the comfort that we receive from other members of the body of Christ during difficult times. The Facebook messages, texts, and cards our family received during mom’s illness and passing were precious to me, and I desire to do better at sympathizing or empathizing with others in the future. We are saddened that my mom is no longer with us, but we rejoice that she is with her Heavenly Father and has a perfect body with no pain!

So, we probably do not need to tell you that our family has been very close the past 16 years. Between living in tight quarters for the last eleven years (5th wheel RV), working together on church buildings, and homeschooling our children, we have spent a lot of time together (some weeks 24/7). Brent has found the times of separation from the kids and I over the past year a huge challenge. The life lessons for him started in Niles with our family traveling home more than “normal” since our kids were involved in more activities being part of the PATH homeschool group. With the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer for my mother, I spent more time away from the job. Then, for the first time in 17 years, I worked a part time job at First Baptist Christian School for a couple months. All of these times apart have added to his times of struggle with being a part. Together Brent and I are learning the life lesson of gently releasing some of our “control” on our children’s lives. Beginning this past year with their acquiring driver’s licenses, continuing with Ryanne’s graduation, and having them live at our house in Ohio for the summer, we are striving to allow them to make some decisions on their own.

Riley has been learning important life lessons about time management in regards to the many jobs he has been working. He started off the summer with 4 different job opportunities with flexible hours. He is learning the value of hard work by being rewarded with a pay raise. He learned the need to persevere to the end of a job while painting a barn that he did not receive pay until the job was completed. If he didn’t already know, he has realized the valuable life lesson that dad really does know what he is talking about and can give him good construction advice. He gives priority to church services and ministry opportunities, so we’re glad to see that he’s remembered that life lesson!

Ryanne has been brought to tears by the caring and generosity of God’s people in regards to her graduation and College attendance in the fall. She is learning the life lesson found in God’s word that God will supply all her needs (Phil 4:19). She feels that the Lord has directed her to attend Faith Baptist Bible College in the fall to pursue a two-year degree in Office Administration. She desires to serve the Lord with her life as a church secretary in the future.

As far as the job at Dryden Baptist Church in Dryden, NY, things are progressing very well. Just this week we will finish the exterior framing and roofing. It has been a pleasure to work alongside of Jimmy Stevenson for the last couple weeks. Jimmy is on a short-term missions opportunity with ChurchCare Construction. Lord willing, he will be working with Brent for the next 10-12 months to see all the aspects of running a building project. We are also glad for the opportunity to have Bill and Amy Vair volunteering with ChurchCare for a large part of the summer. Because the project in Dryden is only about an hour from their home, they have been able to spend several days a week with us and hope to continue that often throughout the next months.

Praise and Prayer

  • Thank you for all the prayers for my mom and our family during her illness, home going, and learning to live without her.
  • Praise the Lord for safety on the jobsite and in all the traveling back and forth to Ohio.
  • Thank the Lord for several special gifts to help offset the cost of our many trips home.
  • We were blessed to be part of the missions conference at Dresserville Baptist in Dresserville, NY.
  • Pray for Ryanne as she prepares to attend Faith Baptist Bible College in the fall.
  • Pray for Riley’s safety as he continues to work construction work in Ohio.
  • We will be traveling to Iowa for our Baptist Church Planters, ChurchCare Construction Family Camp July14-23, thanks for praying for safety and spiritual refreshment!
  • We are so thankful for God’s Word that provides all the instruction we need for life. Proverbs 6:23 “For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life:”

Paul and Janet Robinson – Church Planters at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church in Camden, NJ

Friday, June 22

Thanks for your continued prayer and faithful support of our ministry here in Camden/Pennsauken. The following are a few prayer needs and praises that we would like to share with you at this time:


  • Please pray for Ginny, a member of our church whose mom was admitted to the hospital earlier this week and passed away on Wednesday night. Please pray for Ginny’s dad and her family members.
  • Please pray for my mom who is in a hospital in Toronto. I got a call on Monday morning that she was not doing well and was admitted to the hospital. I have been monitoring her situation through my brothers. Please pray for her physical health.
  • Please pray for our neighbor, Ed, who is undergoing chemotherapy. I spoke to him yesterday and he is in good spirits.
  • Please pray for our service this coming Sunday that God would work in people’s hearts. It’s the culmination of our Family Month and we have invited a lot of people to our Family and Friends Day. We’ll be having a guest speaker and looking forward to a great day of spiritual Food and then food and fellowship after the service.
  • Please pray for our teens as they are getting ready for Bible camp, July 2-7. Some have summer jobs this year and others will be in summer school. We are praying that the Lord will work in the hearts of those who attend.
  • Please pray for our upcoming Vacation Bible School, July 23-25. We have a team of about twenty people coming up from Tennessee to help us with VBS this year. The Lord has already provided housing for them. We are praying and planning for three great days.


  • Praise the Lord for Lela and Caryn who are eating up the Word of God and are excited about discipleship. They are joyfully receiving the Word and growing spiritually.
  • Please pray for Bethany, a third-time guest who has been visiting our church. Janet and I took her out for lunch after church on Sunday. She is a potential prospect of being a part of our ministry.
  • The building project is moving along smoothly. Our next step is to present our plans to the Pennsauken Planning Board next month. Praise the Lord, there are no hitches at this time.

Thanks again for your prayers and support. May God richly bless you.

Monday, June 25

Thanks for praying for our Family Day yesterday. We had a great day! We dedicated four children to the Lord and we had a wonderful time of food and fellowship after the service. Our guest speaker was Rev. Tim Weeks, a Regional Field Director for Baptist Church Planters. His message was from Matthew 7:13-28. There were several unsaved guests who heard the clear Word of God and the need to be saved. Please pray that the Lord gives us opportunities to minister to those that visited as we make connections with them.

Please pray for Janet and me as we are getting ready to drive up to Toronto to visit my mom who has been in the hospital since last Monday. She has been asking for me to come up and see her. We will arrive in Toronto tonight and will be returning home on Thursday morning.

Thanks for your prayers. God bless you.

Carlos and Issa Vasquez – Church Planters at Iglesia Biblica Bautista la Roca

Monday, June 25

Thanks to each of you for taking the time to pray for us. Issa’s health is very delicate and the prognosis is reserved, but it really is that God has all this under control.

I have specific requests for prayer

  • Wisdom in making correct decisions about how to proceed so that Issa is comfortable at home. This includes care at home and other details of attention in which she obtains a better quality of life until the Lord does his will in his life.
  • Emotional and spiritual strength for my children, Daniel and Rebecca, and also for my mother-in-law, Rosa Esperanza. That this circumstance be used so that God will be glorified in them and in me as well.
  • Issa always wants others to know about Christ, but even so under these circumstances she wants to use her last breath of life so that other people will know Christ. Pray for people at the school and at Banco Cuscatlan, where she worked for several years, relatives near and far and known at any level. I know that this verse is important to her: “And this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent” Jn 17: 3.
  • I want you to pray that the day and time will come, she will be without suffering and her departure will be peaceful.
  • I also want to ask you to pray for the Roca Bible Church, specifically for the encouragement of the brothers and for all of us to continue to serve the Lord with all our hearts.

I thank you very much for your support and help. May God bless each one

Tim and Susan Heinrich – Church Planters at Crossroads Baptist Church in Tracy, CA

Prayer Letter

We trust that God has a perfect place for us, as we grow. A normal Sunday for us right now includes a full auditorium and seats in the foyer. The rest of our facility has plenty of space for our classes and ministries, but the auditorium is small. We are running in the fifties, which is not that big, it’s just that the auditorium is that small. We have a growing building fund, but would need to be significantly larger in our attendance to afford anything larger in our community. For now, we are content to pack it in as we look for God’s direction. We are praying that a joint Vacation Bible School with our landlord church will give us clear direction to whether there are future possibilities on this property. They have been without a pastor for three years and are struggling. We ask you to pray with us for James 1 wisdom and that our desires would be in line with God’s plan as we seek to reach our community for Christ.

When we are gone, we are blessed to have guest speakers from the Chinese and Spanish churches that also meet on our campus. Continue to pray for these Godly men and their congregations, as we work together to reach all people groups for Christ.

Our biggest summer outreach is the Fourth of July parade, followed by Vacation Bible School. This year the church that we rent from needed help with their VBS, so we joined forces. Crossroads is providing the curriculum and teachers, they are helping with meals and activities. Last year’s VBS was very profitable with children trusting Christ as Savior and families joining the church. We already have more kids pre-registered for this year than we normally have in attendance. We have quadrupled our efforts and are trusting God to do a mighty work. It is really fun to watch Crossroads families take ownership of this outreach. It is a whole church effort, with everyone doing something. Watch for our next prayer letter with pictures of our milk jug igloo!

Tim’s parents just hosted a family reunion. Four generations of their children, grand-children and great grandchildren all gathered on the family farm. There were forty of us! We had a great time together, including some beautiful family worship. What a blessing that each one of their children and all of their grandchildren love and serve the Lord. Their quiver is full.

Tim and Susan are currently traveling to Michigan to celebrate the 175th anniversary of First Baptist Hudson, our first ministry 23 years ago. Then we are heading to the GARBC conference in Indianapolis. We will return home for VBS and then head to Iowa for BCP Family Camp. We are thankful for opportunities to see friends and collaborate for the cause of Christ.

Although Janae’s summer wedding did not work out, God is blessing her immensely. She is busy buying a house and working full time as a Special Ed teacher. She is settling into the area and enjoying fellowship with other twenty somethings at Crossroads. For all the bad press millennials seem to get, we sure have some amazing ones at Crossroads!

Samantha is really struggling with allergies and asthma right now. The surgeries that she had were helpful, but her body redirected its attack and she is having trouble from a different angle now. We are thankful that she has an excellent work-from-home job and is working her way up the corporate ladder despite these issues. She has been an amazing asset to the ministry through technology and languages.

Alyssa was blessed to attend a theatre camp at Cedarville University. She is very excited to be learning how to use her passion for musical theatre to advance the cause of Christ. Thank you for praying for her as she enters her senior year of high school and makes important decisions about her future.

Talitha is pursuing opportunities with JROTC and her tuba. She has some unique open doors this fall and we are praying that God will use them to grow her and advance the kingdom.

We have committed Christian teachers from our church at two of the three high schools in town. They are prayerfully pursuing hosting Christian Clubs in their classroom this fall. Please pray for Alyssa and Talitha and other Crossroads youth as they work with them to bring the gospel to a very needy mission field.

Susan’s parents are doing well. Her dad is living in a care home near our house. He is doing better there with the calm atmosphere and dedicated care. We are very thankful for God’s direction in this area. Susan’s mom stays busy attending the girls’ activities and working on her knitting and puzzles. She enjoys hearing from Ohio friends, so if you knew her, give her a call or write her a letter!

Herb and Wanda Taylor – Coordinator of Hispanic Ministries

Prayer Letter

Many of you have faithfully prayed for our BCP missionaries, Carlos and Issa Vasquez, who are church planting in Hayward, CA. For the past several years, Issa has been battling cancer and this week Issa was admitted to the hospital for an emergency surgery. There is a tumor pressing on Issa’s heart causing fluid to build up. Nothing can be done at this point except to drain the fluid and try to make her comfortable. If released from the hospital, Issa will go on hospice care in preparation for her homegoing to be with her Savior. In Issa’s own words, “The Lord has shown me that He has taken care of me all of these years. I have peace and confidence that God is in control of every detail, it will be what God decides. The best thing that can happen is that His will is fulfilled. God has the final word.” Please pray for Carlos and Issa as she finishes her journey of faith. Pray also for Daniel and Rebecca, their children. Words of encouragement can be sent to: carlos.issa.vasquez@gmail.com.

Several years ago Herb saw the need for Hispanic ministry leaders to encourage one another in their ministry efforts. From that vision came the first Hispanic Think Tank in 2014 held in Greenville, SC. Since then, this ministry, now called NCHO (National Conference on Hispanic Outreach), has gathered yearly in several states. We are preparing now for our next NCHO meeting on October 5 in Greenville, SC. Please pray that we can: 1) Encourage Hispanic ministries by sharing ideas, resources and purpose. 2) Equip Hispanic ministry leaders through training, discussions of current issues and free materials. For further information, please visit www.nchothinktank.com today.

Jim and Sharon Solomon – Church Planters at Galilean Baptist Church in Fairmont, WV

Prayer Letter

It was exciting to welcome spring this year, and now summer is upon us. It’s green, green, green everywhere. God is also growing our/His church! We have been blessed with two new couples attending on a regular basis, others visiting, children coming (the nursery is now in regular operation!). Fifty people attended last week and it wasn’t a special Sunday. A high school graduation and college graduation were celebrated, and a baby shower was held for a young couple who have been with us for a year and a half. What blessings! We are seeing many parallels between rebuilding our house and God’s work in rebuilding Galilean.

We’re heading to California June 26th to share how the ministry is going with five of our supporting churches, visit friends and family, and, Jim will be the Senior High pastor at Summit Leadership Camp, a camp for AWANA students. The camp theme is Sacrifice. While there, CBT (Calvary Baptist Tabernacle in Gardena) will be hosting a BBQ potluck on Saturday, June 30th from 12-4 so we can visit with all who can attend. If you can, please come! Check it out on FaceBook. Is someone able to loan us a car July 7- 10, or take us to LAX airport on July 10? We’d sure appreciate it.

Please be in prayer for: Continued church growth, safe travels, camp and the lives of the campers, connecting and sharing

Tim and Marsha Weeks – Regional Field Director

Prayer Letter

Focus on the Kinney’s and Pinecrest Baptist Church

Roy and Karen are New Englanders who served earlier in their ministry years out in Allegany, PA. Five Mile Baptist became their sending church when they returned East. They have faithfully served in the church planting ministry at Pinecrest Baptist Church, in Millbury, MA, for several years now and delight at their progress toward graduation. Only God could orchestrate the turn of events for this body of believers to go from building on their own property to buying the building they have been renting for meetings. The owner of the building approached them with the offer as he will be closing his business. What a blessing, after the constant obstacles the city’s codes and approvals kept putting before them before they could even proceed to start building. Please pray with them for the sale of their property and the needed funds to obtain this building that is located in a high profile area. Tim was their speaker for their Planter’s Conference. Also pray that this church family will be doers of the Word and not hearers only. What a joy to see the unity of these believers as they are taking steps of faith to go ahead with the purchase of the building.

Thank you for sharing in this partnership with us through your prayers for us and the missionaries that we serve. Some partners text or email prayer requests and updates which we appreciate. “For what thanksgiving can we return to God for you, for all the joy that we feel for your sake before our God, as we pray…”

l Thessalonians 3:9.

Prayer Requests

  • Be praying for the Kinney’s as they lead their church plant toward graduation.
  • Please continue to pray for the Martinez family as they anticipate a move this summer to the Albany area.
  • Also please keep on praying for the Worthington’s direction from the Lord as they transition into a new ministry.
  • Please pray that we will not grow weary in the process of developing new ministry partners.
  • Please pray for our travels to Camden/Pennsauken, NJ to be with Paul and Janet Robinson as well as Cornerstone Baptist Church.


  • Praise the Lord with us for God orchestrating the events at Pinecrest to obtain a building of their own.
  • The increase of our needed funding that allowed us to reach just over 90%.
  • The blessings of seeing the leadership training bearing fruit.
  • We are thankful for a good response from the planter’s conference, God’s people connecting the pieces of the puzzle to see the bigger picture God has for each of us! (Making disciples)