Our condolences to Brent and Michele Howard on the passing of Michele’s brother. Please remember Michele’s family in prayer as this was very unexpected and difficult, especially since her mother also passed away in recent months.

A Pinch of SALT – Senior Adults Living Triumphantly – BCP Retirees

  • Carol Ciocca – Carol is praising the Lord for a good check up on October 23rd. She will be seeing a Gastroenterologist on November 13th and asks us to be praying about this. Carol also asks prayer for the children’s Bible Club in which she and others are serving. She asks that there will be more salvation decisions from these public school children. Several of the workers are from Maranatha Village. Here is a special prayer request. Carol writes, “After a visit with an audiologist on November 1, I have been told I need hearing aids.  When I said I was concerned that with hearing aids my music ministry might be affected, she showed me information about the one that is good for musicians. It costs $5,000 for the pair.  I am to wear sample ones which she loaned me, no charge, for a week to see how they do. With these, I am to “retrain my brain.” Pray I will have wisdom in knowing if this is what the Lord has for me. And if it is His will, He will provide.” Carol has several opportunities to serve the Lord through music. These include the Highlands County Community Band and the church Christmas Musical.
  • Dale and Marie Moore – Yesterday Dale saw the PA who removed the bandage, cleaned the wound and applied butterfly strips to the right leg.  He is doing well.  Therapy also began yesterday. The left leg tends to give out on him so he did bloodwork yesterday to check his hemoglobin levels to see if he can have the second surgery soon.  We see the doctor on November 12th.  Surgeries are done of Mondays.  Maybe the 19th when our son and his wife are here to help. Our daughter was here for the first one.
  • Laura Curtis – Laura is thanking the Lord for her continued improved health. “The Lord has been so good to me” she reports. She does ask us to pray for her family and especially several of her grandchildren that are not walking with the Lord. This is a concern to many of our BCP retirees as so many have grandchildren for whom they are concerned.