Pinecrest Baptist Church started as a rescue work in 2004 with 11 people formerly known as Berean Baptist Church in Auburn, Massachusetts.  We were called as Missionary Church Planters through Baptist Church Planters to keep this work from closing.  Out of this group of 11 people – 6 moved away, 3 were unsaved, and only 2 had a clear salvation testimony.   Our family of 7 immediately helped the attendance and we were excited to see what the Lord had in store.

This group met in an old home with the auditorium on the upper floor and parking a long walk up sets of stairs as well.  The building was not easily accessible or a permanent place to stay.  Even while updating the building and working on our home across the street, God was gracious to send community people our way and to see them saved, baptized, and join the church.  The work continued to grow and eventually we purchased new land, sold our building and extra lots, and are now meeting in a rented space close to where we intend to build.

Our rented space is cozy but not conducive to the needs of all of our new babies and growing children!  We have many young couples and a future generation growing up in the local church.   What a privilege to see generations of families now attending and passing God’s Word down.  Our church is blessed with all age groups and we enjoy the unity and fellowship that we have together.

Our goal is to continue reaching out into our communities (some travel quite a distance) and to live the Gospel daily to see others saved, baptized, and joining this church.   We desire to grow in our relationship with Christ and with each other.

You can pray with us as we work to get permissions and permits to clear the land and start building.  Our people have given so generously to the project and we know God will provide the funding in His time.  Until then, we seek to strengthen and establish the work here in the Greater Worcester area which is an area with over a half a million people to reach, only 45 minutes from Boston, and New England’s second largest city!

DSC_0577 (Small)DSC_4688 (Small)DSC_4735 (Small)Roy_baptism (Small)Congregation (Small)Ida and Roy Kinney