As we face the daily grind of living in a cursed world, we must daily (maybe more) remember that our Lord is the King of the universe and has everything in control.  I have given this thought as we have watched kingdoms fall this past year.  Who would have dreamed that the kings of Egypt and Libya would tumble? Who would have dreamed that other Middle Eastern nations would be in such turmoil?

Recently our church had our 14th Sportsmen’s Dinner.  We invited Jon Jenks, pastor in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, to speak.  On the following day, Pastor Jon spoke in our church and used the passage in Isaiah 44-45.  He reminded us that 150 years before Cyrus (an Iranian) was born, God predicted he would be used to free the Israelites, allowing them to go home to Jerusalem

I was thinking during the service of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran.  He should read the passage and beware.

All this to say, everything is in order with God!  Let’s keep our eyes on Him and continue making disciples that will result in church planting and growth.