Sometimes, things just come together.  At the recent Regular Baptist conference in Denver, CO church planters were welcomed to the stage and given honor for their work in establishing new churches.  This was highlighted by ten selected church planters giving a three-minute report choreographed with pictures telling the story of their work.  The hour was a smashing success, not giving glory to the church planters but giving glory to God for how He is using their efforts.

For me, this was a dream come true.  One of my goals as President of Baptist Church Planters was to elevate the value of “home missionaries.”  Foreign missionaries are very valuable indeed, but over the years some have intimated that missionaries at home are of lesser spirituality or value.  In some educational institutions, we hear that those who plant churches at home are not considered missionaries at all.  You can only imagine the joy I felt in seeing each of the church planters attending the conference receiving the honor due them.

And to add to my joy, the Council of 18 has determined that each year we will have a church planting hour.  I’m thrilled.