I have experienced a new phase in my life, namely surgery.  Surgeons took the knee God gave me sixty-four years ago and replaced it with a Zimmer knee.  I am now suffering through therapy but know the pain will result in walking without a limp, which I have endured for the last eight months.

Well, that’s enough about my issues.  This reminds me that life is fragile.  Christian workers and missionaries are not exempt from the curse of sickness and death.  Many of the missionaries presently planting churches are either suffering or have recently dealt with debilitating illness.  Cancer, MS, failure to digest due to stomach and intestine issues, back and leg pain, and severe arthritis are part of the daily situations for many in the BCP family.

But God knows the situation of each of His children.  Without a confidence in the sovereignty of God, there would be no peace in the heart.  Missionaries don’t mind you praying for their health and finances, but their greater concern is for you to remember to pray for open doors of opportunity (Col.4:3); a life honorably lived (Heb. 13:18); and that the Word of God would work swiftly ( 2 Thess. 3:1).

Someday, perhaps very soon, Jesus will come.  All pain, suffering, tears and sorrows will vanish and we will live in a curse free environment–with Him.