We often plan Baptist Church Planters’ banquets in April and May.  We have just finished three banquets, Elyria, OH; Batavia, NY; and Sayre, PA.  Combined, we had well over two hundred people in attendance.  It was nice to see so many people still interested in church planting.  Many of those who attended have been faithful supporters for many years.  This year, we had a number of the missionaries sharing their stories via video.  I was blessed by one man’s response.  He came and said, “I was moved by the needs of two of the missionaries.  I want to send each of their churches some money for their building fund.”  That blessed me.

Not only are we blessed with individual supporters but churches.  Many churches faithfully support both the General Fund and missionaries.  One recent experience was especially exhilarating.  In a letter we mentioned that a couple of missionaries were having difficulty attending the mandatory BCP Family Camp in Iowa this summer, primarily because of expenses they incurred through family deaths and illness.  Well, West Clarksville Baptist Church in New York saw that note and voted to send $1000 to help those missionaries.  I was impressed for two reasons:  one, they don’t even know who the missionaries are and secondly, their trust in BCP to use the funds wisely.  Thanks for being generous, West Clarksville.  Another donor contributed $200 and two other donors gave $7,000 to cover our costs at Family Camp.  Wow!  Thanks be unto God.