Kathy and I are well past the days of telling our family and friends that we are expecting a baby.  But I remember those days when we found out that Kathy was with child and the excitement she had in sharing that news.  Announcements!  There is a certain amount of wonder when someone says, “be here because I have an announcement to make.”  Is it good or bad?

The announcements of Jesus’ birth had the same effect.  Mary was startled at the announcement of the angel regarding her pregnancy.  Joseph was perplexed by the announcement that Mary was pregnant; he knew it wasn’t his child.  The shepherds were astonished at the heavenly hosts announcing Jesus’ birth.

But notice, everyone believed and obeyed the message received.  Mary believed, Joseph obeyed and took Mary as his wife, and the shepherds went and found Jesus, praising God.

The announcement we all make today is that Jesus came, He died for our sins, He rose again, and all who believe in Him will be saved.   Believe, obey, and go!