sign on landChurch planting is a labor of love. In a Church plant with a majority of new believers, things move much more slowly, people develop less quickly, and the greatest challenge besides laborers is financing. God allowed Desert Hills Baptist Church to raise $230,000 towards the purchase of land and to close escrow in February. We are truly grateful for His provision.  We currently are trying to raise monies to move forward with developing the land the Lord has provided.  

Building in the west is unique in that the costs associated are often higher than they would be in the Midwest or other places.  We are looking at spending  over $600,000 simply in site costs and permits.   We are earnestly praying that the Lord would provide for Desert Hills.  We are also asking others to consider partnering with us in this endeavor.  Churches and Christians have given generously over the past 6 years we have been in existence, and I echo what Paul said in Philippians 4, “not that I desire a gift, but fruit that may abound toward your account.”  Desert Hills Baptist is a worthy investment.   We are looking at a total project cost of between 1.4-1.7 million dollars.   This would give us a building that would facilitate the church’s growth needs for the immediate future.  We would also be the only gospel-preaching church in the city limits of Buckeye with a church facility on the north side of town (servicing one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S).   Every other church on the north side of town currently meets in a school.   God has allowed our church to have wonderful growth without a building, and we believe God would allow much more to happen with a building.  

 At this time we have a day school that would like to rent our completed classroom space during the day M-F for their pre-school. This would provide us with more than half of the monies needed to pay our mortgage.  We are not guaranteed this school would be interested in renting from us if our building was completed 3 years from now; but they have already provided a letter of intent to rent if we complete our facility within the next year. While this may not be ideal to some, it would afford us to not bear a great financial strain in the beginning of occupying this new facility.   

We have currently been negotiating down the buy-in costs with the city and local utilities.  It appears so far that the Lord has helped us to negotiate away around $300,000 that we otherwise would have paid had we not negotiated. We are in the process of moving forward with a Master Site plan which will need to be approved by the city.  From there we are going to move forward as the Lord allows the financing with plans and construction. We have a crew of people associated with BCP ready at this time to come to AZ to help us complete this project.  We covet the prayers of all, and any financial  help toward this worthy project.      

The Needs: Prayer, Consideration to give generously towards the building costs and costs associated with paying off the land, experienced people to volunteer when the Lord provides the financial ability to move forward.