• New Candidates approved: 6
  • Lead Church Planters:  42
  • Associate Church Planters:  8
  • Apollos:  14
  • Builders:  12  (6 families)
  • Tentmakers:  2
  • Special Assignment:  11
  • BCP Administration/staff: 27
  • Missionary letters sent—12,487 letters
  • Receipt letters sent—approximately 10,000
  • Donors total to date —1381
  • Total missionary support given to date—approximately $2,000,000
Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Row 1: Les and Ida Wells (Apollos MA), Jerry and Jackie Hopkins (Church Planters MI), John and Deb Sauser (Church Planters IA)
Row 2: Walter and Beverly McDonald (Church Planters FL), Roy and Fran Cupples (Church Planters NE), Larry and Lillian French (Builders), Dale and Coleen Murphy (Builders), Brent and Michele Howard (Builders), Ron and Sandra Cornell (Builders), Martin and Lucille Eaton (Builders)
Row 3: Tom and Carol Phillips (Apollos NY), Orlando and Debbie Collazo (Church Planters OH), Roger and Frances Wells (Apollos FL), Kenneth and Joyce Miller (Apollos NY), Levi Fender (Special Assignment Carver BC), Albert and Patricia Armitage (Apollos TX), Leroy and Lorraine Randolph (Special Assignment Carver BC)
Row 4: Miguel and Ana Maria Quintana (Church Planters FL), Chris and Amy Brown (Director of techPartner), Mike and Karen Peck (VP and Director JOY Club), David and Diana Whipple (VP and ChurchCare Exec. Director), Bob and Donna Bennett (Candidate Coordinators), Bill and Stephanie Wilson (Assoc. Church Planter NE)
Row 5: Tim and Susan Heinrich (Church Planters CA), Pete and Mary Lou Jenks (RFD), Dave and Kathy Little (President), Bob and Judi Sauser (RFD), Dave Anthony (IT Services), Rob and Beth Worthington (Special Assignment Asian)
Row 6: Derek and Aimee Phillips (Assoc. Church Planters IL), John and Linda Little (RFD), Howard and Sharon Fraser (Director of ChurchCare Construction), Sheryl Ridley (Assoc. Church Planter NE), Tim and Susan Weaver (Builders)
Row 7: John and Willie Mae Williams (Representatives),  Herb and Wanda Taylor (Hispanic Ministries), Tom and Nancy Farlow (RFD), Pam Hurlbert (secretary), Ginny Stratford (office manager), Ruth Odle (secretary), Alberto and Adela Marquez (Church Planters AZ)
Row 8: Ulysses and Augustine Bestey (Church Planters MO), Bob and Penny Toomer (Special Assignment UT), Scott and Brooke Greening (Church Planters IL), Steve and Becky Little (Church Planters NY), Blane and Kelly Barfknecht (Church Planters NE), Jim and Sharon Solomon (Church Planters WV), Carol Ciocca (Assoc. Church Planter TX)
Row 9:  Roy and Karen Kinney (Church Planters MA), Adam and Elizabeth Zamora (Church Planters AZ), Ralph and Rita Palmer (Apollos OH), Kevin and Kenyata Maki (Church Planters-Deaf CA), Eric and Amy Wilmeth (Church Planters NE), Paul and Janet Robinson (Church Planters NJ)
Row 10:  Wayne and Shanna Dale (Assoc. Church Planters AZ), Brad and Marie Hansen (Church Planters IA), Don and Joyce Shade (Tentmakers CA), James and Janet Novy (Apollos FL), Tim and Nancy Gonzales (Church Planters WV), Jim and Janice Mitchell (Church Planters CO)