Apollos coupleApollos missionaries are retired or semi-retired pastors and missionaries who have a burden to minister but who are not able to commit to the long-term requirements of the pastorate or full-time church planting.  Baptist Church Planters’ Apollos missionaries find great fulfillment and blessing serving the Lord, using their years of experience and training to advance the work of Christ.

Three Apollos Levels

I.      Transitional Interim Ministry (TIM)

A Transitional Interim Ministry can be viewed from two perspectives –

An Interim Pastor serves as a temporary pastor while the church searches for their next pastor. An Interim Pastor has been called of God as an under-shepherd, is gifted by God to give leadership to the church, and is viewed by the congregation as one qualified to serve in that role.

An Interim Preacher serves as the pulpit supply while the church searches for their next pastor.

Neither the Interim Pastor nor Interim Preacher is a candidate to become the next pastor. He is a seasoned minister who has a wealth of experience, training and skills with which he can help move a church forward.


The established church must request an Interim Pastor/Preacher from BCP.

BCP contacts those men who are available, who can then contact the church to address the necessary arrangements and handle the details.

The church sends support to BCP who then cares for reimbursing the pastor/preacher for professional expenses and salary/support.  BCP will provide the W-2, eliminating this responsibility from the church.

II.      Revitalization Ministry

BCP helps churches that are in need of revitalization. BCP primarily uses Apollos missionaries for this service.

The Apollos missionary, with the Administration and the Regional Field Director, determines if a church can be revitalized. The Apollos missionary is then asked by the field director to commit to moving to the  area for a period of six months to one year to assist the struggling church.  The missionary may stay for a longer period if he so desires and if the Administration and the church approve.

The church being revitalized must provide housing for the missionary and, if needed, some support.

The Apollos missionary may raise some support for living expenses and also for professional reimbursement.

III.      Associate Apollos Ministry

An Associate Apollos works alongside a Lead Church Planter.  This team ministry can multiply effort and provide encouragement and counsel to the church planter and plant.

The Associate is a part-time role of assisting in ministries as directed by the Lead Church Planter.

The Associate usually serves for an extended period of time.

The Associate may raise some support for living expenses and for professional reimbursement.

Benefits of Apollos

  • Participating with a great team of workers with a national network
  • BCP handles your finances as required by law and provides a housing allowance for tax purposes.
  • Once approved, you have the freedom to raise support using BCP credibility.

Qualifications for Apollos Ministries

  • Commissioning by your local church
  • Completion of application, candidate school and Council interview
  • Willingness to serve under the administration of Baptist Church Planters
  • Willingness to serve 6-12 months at a time

How do I apply?

1.      Fill out the preliminary application located below.

2.     Fulfill the entire application process.

Online Preliminary Application