God has truly been good to the people of Desert Hills Baptist Church in 2013.  Over the last 5 years since we started we have seen a continued rotation of people as the economy has stagnated our community.   Recently, it appears that the economy has stabilized, and as a result we have not seen as much of a turnover as we have in the past.   We are excited to have more than a year or two to help develop and mature the people God has given us.

In January two great things happened in our ministry.  First of all we moved our location from one school to another which is more centrally located.   In the past we have invited people to our services and those invitees have not really been able to find us.   We have literally put out thousands of pieces of information in our community to invite people to our services and now people can easily identify where we are located.   Since January we have had well over 70 families visit the services at Desert Hills.   I believe this is a direct result of the current and past outreach efforts coupled with our new location.    A good number of these families are also choosing to call Desert Hills Baptist their church home for which we are very excited.    Another blessing that has taken place is that Wayne and Shanna Dale have joined the team at Desert Hills Baptist Church for the time being.  They have been a tremendous encouragement to my wife and I personally, and to our young church family.   They have been able to take over teaching an Adult Bible Class, Coordination of Music, and many other administrative duties within the church.

We are currently looking at purchasing some land in our community.   With the stabilization of the economy has come the old speculatory practices of the land owners.   Please pray that God would do a work and make a way for Desert Hills to have it’s own piece of land to be able to develop in the future.



Adam Zamora