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Pinecrest Baptist Church in Millbury, MA

Pinecrest Baptist Church started as a rescue work in 2004 with 11 people formerly known as Berean Baptist Church in Auburn, Massachusetts.  We were called as Missionary Church Planters through Baptist Church Planters to keep this work from closing.  Out of this group of 11 people - 6 moved away, 3 were unsaved, and only 2 had a clear salvation testimony.   Our family of 7 immediately helped the attendance and we were excited to see what the Lord had in store. This group met in an old home with the auditorium on the upper floor and parking a long walk up sets of stairs as well.  The building was not [...]

Christmas 2015 BCP Family

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Winter Campaign 2014

Winter Campaign

Trust His Timing

Jesus was called on to come to Bethany.  Lazarus, His good friend and the brother of Mary and Martha, was sick. The faith of these two sisters was strong; they knew that if Jesus would come immediately, He could heal their brother.  We know the history of this family.  They were dear friends of Jesus.   He was always welcome in their home.  It was at their home that Martha learned what Jesus treasured most in a friendship: a listening heart and a desire to know the Father in a personal relationship.  It was one of those growing times for Martha that we all experience during our walk with our Lord. [...]

Hispanic Retreat 2014

Hispanic Retreat Scheduled for September For several years, Hispanic believers have enjoyed a weekend retreat at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp in Ventura, Iowa. This year the retreat will be held on September 19-20. This retreat, with the three main sessions in Spanish and the sessions for the teens and children in English, spiritually challenges attendees through music, messages and fellowship one with another. Christian books and music are also available for purchase throughout the weekend. The camp facilities provide opportunities for physical refreshment through the use of paddle boats, the climbing wall, basketball, tennis, soccer, pontoon boat rides, a zip line, and train rides for children.  This year our [...]

Servants and Ministry

               In studies we were doing on servants and ministry, we came across a reminder of what “ministry” is which fits what we have thought for some time. Ministry is meeting people where they are and taking them to where God wants them to be.  Too often we take them to where we want or think they should be or, even worse, where we need them to be.                  First, ministry is always relational. It is always about people, not programs or projects. We meet people where they are in their lives; it’s a missional mindset.  We must be involved in their lives by loving, listening and caring, then connecting [...]

The Documents and Christian Ethics ~ Dave Little

The day was planned.  Invitations were distributed throughout the community. It all started when a couple of believing families moved to an area and didn’t find a church of their convictions.  They started meeting to study the Bible and pray.  After researching the area and churches, they came to the conclusion that they should start a church.    Not knowing exactly how to start a church, they contacted a former pastor.  He led them to contact a Baptist church planting agency.  They learned early on the importance of “the documents.”  They learned that they needed to adopt a Statement of Faith and write a Constitution.  These founding documents would define the [...]

Integrity in Church Finances ~ David Whipple

The ushers have received the morning offering.  Now what? I have heard so many stories over the years of what happens in churches after the offering is received. One account tells of the ushers immediately returning the plates to the front of the auditorium and counting the offering right then. This church also received multiple offerings. In most churches this process would prove disruptive. On the other end of the spectrum I have heard of a church that, after the offering is received, the financial secretary leaves and counts the cash. A bank deposit is prepared, and the cash is taken to the bank. All the envelopes are then taken [...]

Ginny Stratford, Office Manager

Ginny came to BCP in 2012 after serving on the Christian school faculty at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, IA, for eighteen years. Having grown up in a pastor's home and having committed her life to fulltime ministry, joining the ministry of BCP was another opportunity to follow a passion of her heart.  She is responsible for the general operation of the office. She coordinates the secretarial and volunteer work of the office to keep all work current, and she arranges for the BCP Council meetings and other meetings that take place at the home office.

Karen Peck, JOY Club Director

The JOY Club Ministry has been in existence since the early 1950's when two ladies felt the Lord leading them to reach boys and girls in their neighborhood with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Karen Peck has held the position of JOY Club Director since 2005. She is fully responsible for the entire ministry. She keeps all programs up-to-date and all materials on hand or in good supply. Karen periodically visits churches and shares the JOY Club ministry. Karen and her husband, Dr. Michael Peck, were involved in pastoral ministry in the state of New York for 31 years before coming to Baptist Church Planters. Now Karen actively serves alongside [...]

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