Dear Partners:

Back in the 1980s Becky and I were dairy farmers in upstate New York. I remember the huge investment we made putting thousands of dollars of seed, fertilizer and equipment hours into the ground in a given week. After I was done planting, I couldn’t see that much had changed in the field except that there were faint little furrows which represented the investment. The expectation was a fall harvest. It was all a necessary investment, but besides planting the field, we also had to keep the daily operations of the farm going which included milking the cows, upgrading and maintaining equipment, fixing fences and the like.

Our Summer Campaign is much the same. We have campaign projects (see back) which will keep the rest of the mission operating, but there is an investment that we need to make, much like planting a field. This investment will help church plants and small churches as well as churches being revitalized.

At our 2015 Spring Council Meeting, the Council unanimously voted to approve “BCP Youth Ministry” as a needed ministry to help church plants, revitalization churches and small churches around the USA. JOY Club has been our only ministry which helps church plants with children’s programming. We will continue JOY Club, but it will be under the umbrella of “BCP Youth Ministry.” We will be expanding our ability to help church plants in new ways through BCP Youth Ministry. For sure, there is plenty of children/youth ministry material out there, but most of it is too expensive for church plants or small churches. God has provided Chip and Karen Wood as leaders for this ministry. They are experienced, gifted and passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and youth!

God has given us the vision to LAUNCH “BCP Youth Ministry.” We need your help! In order to launch BCPym, we must raise $30,000 as seed money to get it off the ground. At first it may look like that field I mentioned above – just little furrows, but a crop of souls is expected! Please look over the insert for the big picture, but here is some of what your investment will yield:

  1. Office Time for Chip and Karen to work on
    1. Developing BCP Youth Ministry website
    2. Writing the new curriculum called “Joy Journeys”
    3. Creating a new JOY Club theme song
    4. Writing more workshops to be offered on
    5. Developing online capabilities for ordering, teaching workshops, etc.
    6. Writing a JOY Club 2’s-3’s program. We do not have this, and it is needed.
  2. A Vigorous Deputation Schedule to sustain BCP Youth Ministry

The outcome of the above will increase the impact in church plants, revitalization and small church children’s ministries for the sake of the gospel. Can we count on you to partner with us?

Sincerely for church planting,

Stephen Little, President

To give to this campaign, please go to the Give tab on the homepage, and select the 2015 Summer Campaign button.