When Does Routine Become Remarkable?

When does the routine or the expected become remarkable? David Whipple, Executive Director of ChurchCare In my mind a story is worthy of a remark when we are praising God for what He is accomplishing. If we are just giving a report then “just the facts” are necessary. Tell me what has been accomplished. The back story is usually more interesting and revealing of how God uses our routine activities to bring glory to Himself. ChurchCare missionary builders slogged through what should have been a relatively routine building project at First Baptist Church in Niles, Ohio this past summer and fall. I am not implying that First Baptist [...]

The Products and Pieces of Partnership – Tim Weeks, Eastern Field Director, Baptist Church Planters

In a previous article we explored the Purpose of Partnership as we brought out the New Testament teaching as the foundation of BCP’s philosophy of ministry.  This governs how we view an agency’s relationship with church planters/revitalizers and local churches. In this installment we want to expose the Products and Pieces of Partnership by exploring the New Testament precedent for churches partnering together with church planters in advancing the Gospel. Philippians once again informs our thinking as we consider Paul’s relationship with the Philippian church. Philippians 1:5 and 7 highlight the church’s partnership and in chapter 4 the individual relationship the church adopted in helping Paul by sending Epaphroditus to [...]

What Kind of Legacy Are You Writing? – David Whipple, Vice President

We Have Already Received a Heritage, But  We Are Still Writing a Legacy! We have little to say about the heritage we receive, but the legacy we leave is completely up to us. I cannot escape my heritage, that biological tie and identity with my parents and their parents that goes back for generations. I cannot rewrite history with regard to the influences on my life. My connections to family and  history brought both good and bad. I would rather not think of the past in many respects, and I am thankful that by the grace of God I have overcome the bad influences. My legacy, though, is still being [...]

The Purpose of Partnership – Tim Weeks, Eastern Field Director, Baptist Church Planters

Those of you who regularly read the Connect publication may have recently seen this umbrella which gives a visual representation of how missiology fits under ecclesiology. In the following paragraphs I would like to flesh out what that looks like in real life as BCP, a mission agency, assists churches in fulfilling the Great Commission.  How that commission is fulfilled by churches is rooted in the biblical principles governing the basic practices of the early church as seen in Acts 2:42 – continuing in the apostles’ doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers. Paul serves as an example to us in the relationships he nurtured for partners in ministry. The [...]

A Building Committee with Integrity ~ Howard Fraser, ChurchCare Construction

The anticipation is high as the building committee gathers around the table for their first meeting. Discussion ensues regarding vision, future goals, building requirements, floor plans, history of giving, numerical growth and even color schemes.  Each of these areas can become a pitfall as personal preferences and enthusiasm collide.  The excitement of erecting a new facility is contagious. Everyone has an opinion or a pet project, and everyone wants his or her idea to be heard.     The opportunities for growth that a building project provides a church are many.  Working together toward a common goal, investing sweat equity in your church community, seeing God answer prayer and learning to trust [...]

Technology and Integrity ~ Chris Brown

"I've learned that you can't hide a piece of broccoli in your glass of milk,” a 7-year- old said. You can, but only for a little while!  With such a creative world we live in, there are so many tools to help you NOT be who you really are, or to NOT leave any trace of where you have been or what you have seen.   “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching” (C.S. Lewis).  When using technology, you are usually in private with your personal devices, and no one is keeping you accountable.  It is vital that you be a person of integrity as you use [...]

The Documents and Christian Ethics ~ Dave Little

The day was planned.  Invitations were distributed throughout the community. It all started when a couple of believing families moved to an area and didn’t find a church of their convictions.  They started meeting to study the Bible and pray.  After researching the area and churches, they came to the conclusion that they should start a church.    Not knowing exactly how to start a church, they contacted a former pastor.  He led them to contact a Baptist church planting agency.  They learned early on the importance of “the documents.”  They learned that they needed to adopt a Statement of Faith and write a Constitution.  These founding documents would define the [...]

Integrity in Church Finances ~ David Whipple

The ushers have received the morning offering.  Now what? I have heard so many stories over the years of what happens in churches after the offering is received. One account tells of the ushers immediately returning the plates to the front of the auditorium and counting the offering right then. This church also received multiple offerings. In most churches this process would prove disruptive. On the other end of the spectrum I have heard of a church that, after the offering is received, the financial secretary leaves and counts the cash. A bank deposit is prepared, and the cash is taken to the bank. All the envelopes are then taken [...]

Integrity in Church Planting ~ Adam Zamora

Someone well said that, “Our reputation is what others think we are, and integrity is who God knows we are.”   The dictionary defines integrity as an adherence to moral and ethical principles.   What moral and ethical principles would be involved in the subject of church planting?    I am glad you asked. I believe there are several arenas involving integrity in the area of church planting.  The first arena is the life of the church planter.  God uses the church planter to lead people to a deeper knowledge of God and ultimately to become more and more like the Lord Jesus.   The church planter cannot lead people to a place he [...]

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