Missionary Update – Hispanic Think Tank

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Nearing the end–can God use you to help?

Adam and Elizabeth Zamora and Wayne and Shanna Dale in Buckeye, AZ By the grace of God they will see the completion of a permanent building for Desert Hills Baptist Church in the next two months! It has been a challenging construction, but God has overcome each issue, and He gets all the glory! Many of God’s people, individuals, churches, BCP and agencies, have been involved in bringing them to this point. There are several ways you can still help:  1) Please pray that they will be able to get a Certificate of Occupancy by mid-December. 2) Please pray that God will supply the budget deficit of $350,000.  3)  Please pray [...]

Missionary highlight – Blane and Kelly Barfknecht

Chalco Hills Baptist Church started in 2009 with less than 20 people in regular attendance. On August 21st we experienced our highest attended service that was not a special event with 52 people on a Sunday morning! Several new families have become a regular part of our ministry just over this summer. Please pray they would continue to attend and become plugged into ministry. One of the new families started coming after a young couple invited them to Vacation Bible School.  They had never been a part of a church before.  After meeting our people and hearing the teaching of the Bible, the husband began listening to our sermons online [...]

Missionary Highlight – Peter, Mary Lou Jenks and Fran Cupples

It is so exciting to follow God’s plan and see what he can do with an older couple whose peer group is all retiring. Two years ago Peter agreed to be the interim pastor at Victory Baptist Church in Fullerton, Nebraska and Grace Baptist Church in Genoa, Nebraska following the sudden death of their church planter, Roy Cupples.  After a year of filling the pulpit and searching for a pastor, it became evident that neither church was ready for that step.  God in His wisdom intervened and prompted us to say yes to Him and to the churches if they wanted Peter to come as their church planter. At Victory [...]

Servants Baptist Church – the Sharratts

There is so much that is happening in such a quick amount of time that it is difficult for me to encapsualize. It is good to start with " Praise the Lord, for His Mercy endures forever!" I have been preaching through Matthew--"you are the salt and light of the earth." Matthew 7: 7 deals with asking, seeking, and knocking. Our abiding, striving, and resting is a continual process. I am constantly evaluating the condition of my soul, the people of God, and the direction God desires the Church of God to go each step of the way. I realize that a true permanent change of heart and life actions come [...]

Woods’ Update

Dr. Dave Little’s Ministry Opportunities

Ministry Opportunities For: Dr. David Little Position: Special Assignment with BCP Home church: First Baptist Elyria, Ohio  You may have read that Baptist Church Planters is in the process of selecting their next President.  I informed the mission that it was time for me to step down and allow a new servant to come and be the next President.  I will remain the President until the Council selects the new man.  At that time, I will move to Special Assignment and will serve local churches throughout the United States in the following ways:  Pulpit Ministry- I desire to continue to preach, especially in the following venues: Regular pulpit ministry. Speaking [...]

Missionary Update – Oct. 23, 2013

Jim and Sharon Solomon – Appointees from Gardena, CA, hospitalized in Loma Linda, CA Thursday, Oct. 17 Sharon and I would like to THANK YOU so much for all your prayers and gifts that have helped us out during the last three months.  Yes, you may have guessed it I'm out of the hospital!  I got out this afternoon. Please continue to pray.  I'm still weak and do not have a lot of stamina.  Some of that might be due to my amazing weight loss program: down 75 pounds--not a diet I would recommend! Praise the Lord, I was able to get my drain tube out this morning so I [...]

10 Old Wives’ Tales About Church Growth

10 Old Wives' Tales About Church Growth – by Brian Orme There's a lot of discussion that goes on about church growth: what causes it; how to generate it; prepare for it; launch it; build it; cultivate it and even, to some degree, manufacture it. Many of the discussions are helpful, but there are a number of subtle beliefs that still creep up that aren't healthy. In fact, they're downright superstitious and, at times, dangerous to the church. I've collected these myths over many conversations, coffees and lunches with church leaders and I'd like to share them with you.   10 Old Wives' Tales About Church Growth 1. If You're Not [...]

2012 in review

New Candidates approved: 6 Lead Church Planters:  42 Associate Church Planters:  8 Apollos:  14 Builders:  12  (6 families) Tentmakers:  2 Special Assignment:  11 BCP Administration/staff: 27 Missionary letters sent—12,487 letters Receipt letters sent—approximately 10,000 Donors total to date —1381 Total missionary support given to date—approximately $2,000,000 Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Row 1: Les and Ida Wells (Apollos MA), Jerry and Jackie Hopkins (Church Planters MI), John and Deb Sauser (Church Planters IA) Row 2: Walter and Beverly McDonald (Church Planters FL), Roy and Fran Cupples (Church Planters NE), Larry and Lillian French (Builders), Dale and Coleen Murphy (Builders), Brent and Michele Howard (Builders), Ron and Sandra Cornell (Builders), [...]

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