The ministry at Great Commission Baptist Church is in the “growth stage.” We have launched in our community, chartered membership, elected deacons, held a recognition council, and developed our core group into a congregation.

In the coming months we are praying that God would grow our church in a variety of ways. First, we are praying for spiritual growth. We desire all of our church, including ourselves, to be taking next steps in their lives of faith. Second, we desire our church to continue to grow in ministry abilities. We need to keep equipping people for the work of the ministry. Third, we need our church to grow numerically. We need to push through the various growth barriers that churches reach at various stages. We are praying that God will continue to grow his church. Fourth, we are praying for growth in the area of our church finances. We are thankful for how God meets the need for our facilities. We are praying that soon the church will be able to support a full-time pastor. Finally, we continue to pray that God will grow our church in the area of ethnic diversity. Two major ethnic groups that are not yet represented in our church body are Hispanic and Asian Indian. These are the two largest ethnic groups in our community. We are praying that God would allow us to see some of our gospel contacts from these people groups turn in new believers and GCBC members.

We are also praying for growth in our church planting team. Derek and Aimee Phillips and their children are currently on deputation with BCP seeking to join us as associate church planters. We are always looking for more teammates, especially those with a heart for multi-ethnic ministry. Our desire is to quickly move from our current “growth stage” into a “reproduction stage” where we start other churches. Our desire is to see God develop a cluster of churches that would would work together in making disciples of all nations.

Thank you for your interest and prayers. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in partnering with our ministry.

Scott, Brooke, and Torah Greening
847.584.4222 (Church)