Chalco Hills Baptist Church is a church plant in southwest Omaha led by Blane and Kelly Barfknecht with Sheryl Ridley serving over children and ladies ministries. We look forward to the addition of Bill and Stephanie Wilson and their family to our ministry team in 2013.Pray for them as they seek a home and work that will be flexible enough for attention to ministry.We started meeting weekly on February 22nd, 2009 through the vision of Roger Ridley to plant multiple churches in the Omaha area. On October 24, 2010, church documents were approved; charter membership was established and the first officers were elected. In the past four years we have seen slow, steady growth focused on discipleship. 
When we first met Roger Ridley in 2005, he pointed out a piece of property on an intersection that he believed would be a good spot for a church. At the time it was surrounded by corn fields.  We moved to Omaha a couple years later, and development had moved closer to that intersection. In fact, about a year later, a church went up in the very spot he pointed out.
Roger knew the property’s owner, who told him he had another piece of land he would sell us below market value in order to get another church there.
We have been in communication with the owner for a few years. He is in his upper 70’s and is concerned that his kids will not have the same desire to sell the land to a church. Because of this, he is eager to sell it soon.
The property is in a very visible location on a significant road. Currently, an elementary school and a bank are on one of the corners of the intersection. Walgreen’s has purchased another corner. The owner is asking for $330,000, which is $100,000 lower than it has been assessed. After checking other properties in the area, we have found that this is a very reasonable number. We have about $50,000 saved, and would like to raise this amount to at least $230,000 before trying to borrow the remaining amount.
Has God blessed you in such a way that you can give toward this need? Any size gift will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for taking the time to read, and especially for taking the time to pray!