Our condolences to Ken and Joyce Miller at the home going of Joyce’s mother.  Cards may be sent to Joyce at 24 Traciann Drive, Hamlin, NY  14464. 

Scott and Marti Owen – Director of ITM
Prayer Letter

This is the last summer that Scott can serve on the board for the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp in Clear Lake, Iowa, due to our new role at BCP.  Therefore, this past week as the program chairman of Family Camp 1 was special!  He taught the teens the Relational Wisdom course, preached Sunday morning and gave general oversight as the camp “shepherd.”  Camp has had a great impact in our lives, as Scott trusted Christ at this camp when he was 13 years old and each of our kids worked and attended there over the years.

We have one week before Scott flies out to southern California to rejoin the teaching team from a Nigeria trip back in 2016.  This time, rather than Nigerian attorneys, they will be training American pastors to coach people through conflict and to mediate issues.  We are excited that our ITM Pastor will be taking this course and prepping for certification as a Christian Conciliator!  Scott then flies back to Minneapolis on the 20th and joins Marti to travel to Wisconsin for church meetings and then a full week of camp messages (9 total) to teens at Camp Fairwood.

How God has been answering your prayers:

  • We are now at 68%!
  • We have 4 of the 30 units of the 40 for 30. Only 36 more to go!
  • God is bringing some potential future ITM Pastors to us. We are excited what God may do in the next couple of years.
  • God is showing grace to our current ITM Pastor – Marty and his wife Susan. They are doing a great work!
  • We are developing a working relationship with an Intentional Interim Pastor training group that has helped over 1500 churches over the years. This will help us equip more ITM Pastors.
  • Scott is scheduled to teach Relational Wisdom to Christian School staff in Nevada this fall!

We are excited about the teaching and training opportunities because our heart is to help equip leaders and impact relationships before conflict erupts.  It is a blessing to teach these concepts in churches, over 30 so far, but also at camps, in Christian Schools, and to church leaders.

Your faithful prayers and financial partnerships are having a great impact already!  Thank you so much! 

Jim and Janice Mitchell – Church Planters at Gospel Life Church
Wednesday, July 10

Last week we had the opportunity to meet as a family in North Dakota at Ross and Julene’s home. It was good to get together as a family since it is rare because of distance.  We had fun with the grandkids, played a lot of horseshoes and shot some guns.  We praise God for our kids and their spouses!

Back home on Sunday for church, the young man pulling the trailer with our church supplies had truck problems so we ran without a lot of equipment, but it went fine.  A new family said the week before they were going to make up their minds whether they were going to come to our church and they came back last Sunday.  We also had a new couple visiting but I had a hard time discerning what they were looking for.  This Sunday we have half our people gone to weddings and a family reunion so it will be a slim group, but that is summer.

I would say that our church is still fragile so your prayers are essential.  We are going to be trying to establish a disciple-making culture throughout the church.  Being more intentional about our mission as we seek God’s help to move forward is the goal. 

Rob and Beth Worthington – Church Planters at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hamlin, NY
Prayer Letter

God is good! I should have written several weeks ago to update everyone on what has taken place. As a result of the issues the church was facing, we have had a business meeting to vote on whether to stay with BCP or not. At the meeting, 24 of the 25 members attended. The meeting lasted 15 minutes and the outcome was that the church voted to remain with BCP through the revitalization process by a vote of 15 to 9. There has been great peace since.  We have entered Phase 2 of our revitalization with our month of prayer. We are two weeks into our prayer time to see how God will lead us as a body, and we will be meeting again with Jon Jenks and Tim Weeks in three weeks. The revitalization weekend itself was a tremendous blessing. Friday evening, most of the time was spent hearing the salvation testimonies and Christian experiences of each of our core group. Saturday was filled with instruction, leading up to doing a value stream map of our church members. This was very helpful tool for us to have a visual as to where our church is physically and spiritually. The map enables us to see where our weaknesses lie and what we could do to move forward. We finished Sunday with Jon preaching and teaching both Sunday morning worship and Sunday school. It was followed by a meal and a debrief of the core group. There was a lot of excitement as I could see several of the members eyes foreseeing what could be done through our church. Please pray that the excitement continues, prayer continues, and God leads this ministry forward. On Wednesday mornings, I play golf with four other guys. Yes, I know, it is not a foursome but we go at a time when it’s not an issue. One of the men is a member of our church and is 87 years old! One is a Sunday school teacher at another church. One is the son of our member and the fourth man is a neighbor of our member. Please pray for this man, his name is Lynn. I do not believe he is saved. Please pray that I have an open door to witness and the boldness to do so. Thank you so much for your prayers and support of our ministry. We continue to pray for you all.

SALT – Senior Adults Living Triumphantly – BCP Retirees

  • Angie Loper – The widow category is a new title for me. Tom and I had a wonderful 66-year marriage and that same number of years seeing the Lord be faithful to us. God has been so faithful and am thankful for the time He gave us to prepare for Tom’s home going – basically one month when we knew God was going to take him to be with Himself. We remembered, we laughed, we cried together. He told me to remember to get the oil changed, get the tires rotated and don’t let gas tank go below one-half! I miss him terribly but am well taken care of in every way. I am so blessed! So far, I have good health. God is so good!
  • Ken and Joyce Miller – Some special needs for us at this time are:
  1. Joyce’s mom, Jean Redka, is very near her entrance to heaven. We are glad she knows the Lord but will miss her.  She is 95 and we saw her at the end of this past week. Her husband is in an assisted living facility there and he is 96.  We will be going back to Pennsylvania for the services.  Update:  Jean passed away on Monday.
  2. Joyce’s brother-in-law, Larry Souder, had quadruple bypass surgery this past Wednesday. He may go home from the hospital tomorrow.  Also a believer.
  3. We are buying another home and closing may be this week. It will be closer to our one son, Tom, so we can help with their children as his wife, Laura, has a neuro-muscular disease  that is not getting any better.
  4. Joyce is scheduled to teach VBS the week of July 15 if we are back from Pennsylvania. Pray that she will have the enthusiasm needed to do that!
  • Carol Ciocca – Carol is thankful that she is still able to use her musical abilities at church, the assisted living home and in the community. She is also thankful that her hearing aids are paid for five months ahead of schedule. Her prayer requests include the need for funds to pay for dental work, the need for another steroid injection for sciatica pain, and for wisdom concerning the desire to start a Spanish church ministry.