Scott and Marti Owen – Director of ITM

Prayer Letter

You have probably noticed that “Endgame” has suddenly become a popular word thanks to the high grossing Avengers’ movie. Interestingly, the term is used in chess – those last moves when few pieces are on the board. In general, it represents “what’s next?” or “how do you wrap this up?” or possibly “where does this lead?”

We have been looking forward to this stage – the final moves to wrap up our partner raising so we can focus completely on helping churches in conflict or transition. God is the One who truly knows the endgame for us. We can develop strategies and work diligently, but it will be God who makes the moves in the hearts of our partners. Our leaning on Him elevates your role as prayer partners. Thank you!

How God has been answering your prayers:

  • He has helped us transition from CrossRoad by putting together some incredible pieces to ensure that my ministry areas not only survive, but also improve!
  • He has provided for us grace, hope and mercy as Marti’s mom, Hazel, transitioned to heaven!
  • He has elevated our percentage to 56% through special gifts and increased monthly support!
  • He has allowed us to meet every speaking engagement so far this year (24 venues). We have another twenty scheduled.
  • He has allowed us to provide consultation to several pastors on specific issues of concern.
  • He has allowed us to recruit and install our first interim (ITM Pastor) in a church!
  • He has helped Scott graduate from the Intentional Pastor University certification program.

May is filled with a mixture of finishing-up projects at CBC, meeting with prospective partners, speaking in three Iowa churches, supervising our ITM pastor, driving to Colorado to visit churches, grandkids and children, flying to California to co-teach a peacemaking seminar, and fixing up the house for downsizing.

We are scheduling one personal presentation each week. If you would like to get on our calendar, please let Scott know.

Thanks again for praying, checking out our blog interacting with our Facebook page, sharing our ministry with others that care, and/or financially partnering with us. 

Roy and Karen Kinney – Church Planters at Pinecrest Baptist Church in Millbury, MA

Prayer Letter

The church project is coming along! Last week the Lord provided an electrician who has done a lot of work already. All the strapping was put up on the ceilings for the wires to be run. New double doors were put in for the main entrance. The kitchen wall was framed in as we are expanding our kitchen. Some stonework (vinyl) was put up on the highway end of the church. More plans to unfold as we use that end to advertise the church. Today we hired someone to do the heating and cooling system.

Our Builders were all away for this weekend into this week. Jimmy flew back to his home church in Iowa to be pre-commissioned by his church as a full time Missionary Builder with BCP. This is a big weekend for him. Brent and Michele left for a week at home in Ohio as they catch up with their kids and prepare for graduation ceremonies and celebrations for Riley.

Besides having a lot on our plates, our families have been hit hard with some health issues these past few weeks. Amelia and her family had the colds and upper respiratory infection. Coralie blacked out twice while getting her hair done in town and she was taken to the ER.   Kurt and Kaia were sick. Poor Declan cannot seem to get over reoccurring ear infections and had other medical visits as well. Caleb got up to leave for work last Friday and blacked out, hitting his head on the refrigerator handle bar, came to and got sick. He was taken to the ER as his blood pressure was too low. He also needed concussion precautions. We think this latest round was a quick onset flu or virus or ?? (they don’t say at the hospital). This week everyone seems on the mend except for fussy babies and others having colds. Please keep us all in prayer!!

My second cousin, Matthew Gatti, was killed in the line of duty as a Tennessee Police Officer. He was only 24. With all the sadness, the family can celebrate his full and godly life. The testimonies on his life are uplifting and a good reminder for all of us and can be watched on YouTube. I was amazed at the clear Gospel presentation by the Governor and others he worked with. Please pray for the Gatti Family.

We celebrate Caleb’s 21st birthday this weekend! He is such a blessing to our family and church. We also celebrate Kaia’s 5th birthday, Declan’s 1st birthday, and Amelia and Kyle’s 8th Anniversary the last week of this month!

Romeo Tamburro just returned home from the hospital last evening due to breathing problems and his heart racing. He is here at our home resting for the day. Please pray for him to get his strength back.

Katherine Nordborg is graduating from high school and college (AA) this week. She worked really hard her last two years of high school to get the dual credits! Congratulations Katie!!

We travel to visit with Alyssa and Nick Sunday night and then on to Pennsylvania for Pastor Jonathan Potter’s ordination council. It will be good to see them and where they are ministering. 

Tim and Susan Heinrich – Church Planters at Crossroad Baptist Church in Tracy, CA

Prayer Letter

This past week has been very busy around the Heinrich House. On top of end of the year concerts, awards assembles, Church services and Bible Studies, both of Susan’s parents are having medical issues.

Dad, Pastor David Shimp came down with a very itchy rash and had to have treatment on top of several regular medical appointments. Dad continues to live in an assisted living home here in Tracy and is otherwise about the same. He still knows the family if not always remembering names.

Mom, Shirley, has been very tired lately and has been having difficulty keeping her oxygen levels up. After seeing some troubling numbers on her latest lab report, he doctor put her in the hospital on Friday. They believe that she has a bacterial pneumonia as well as some UT problems. Her oxygen numbers have continued to decline and she has needed to be on a positive pressure mask since Sunday. They are trying to wean her off the mask and then off the oxygen.   Please be praying that the infection will clear and that she can come home. She does not wish to be on oxygen at home but we will do what is necessary.

Tim has started a new ministry here in Tracy serving as a police chaplain for the Tracy PD. Please pray for this ministry. He will be on call one week out of four and will be doing training with three other local pastors.

Tim and Marsha Weeks – Director of Missionary Care

Prayer Letter

We are privileged to care for the missionary builders in our role as Director of Missionary Care. We had opportunity to meet Brent and Michele Howard as well as Jimmy Stevenson. They are serving at Pinecrest Baptist Church in Millbury, MA, transforming an old auction hall to look more like a church building. The Howards have two children who are finishing this school year, one at Faith Baptist Bible College in Iowa and the other graduating next month from high school. For years, they have traveled and worked as a family from one work site to the next, living in their trailer. Getting used to no longer having their right hand man or woman available to help is the adjustment this couple is having for this new season of life. Prayers are appreciated.

We made a very last minute decision to fly to Massachusetts the 13th – 16th of April. After Tim’s speaking engagements of twelve times in eleven days we were not sure he would be ready for another trip. He survived! The details for the builders to go to Massachusetts came together rapidly, so in some sense we thought hitting three birds with one stone was a good idea. We had a wonderful visit with the Kinneys, Howards and Jimmy Stevenson (our three birds). Jimmy, our new missionary appointee, did his first ministry presentation in his journey to develop ministry partners in Dryden, NY, during our weekend visit. Spending time with him did not start until Sunday evening. The church family had opportunity to hear excellent teaching and preaching between Roy and Tim’s presentations of truth for Palm Sunday. It was gracious of Roy to change what he was preparing to do and fit Tim in to help with the messages for the day – after Tim had contacted him only on Thursday with our plans of a last minute visit. What a joy to see some new faces and hear of a couple of new babies in Christ getting ready for baptism. To God be the Glory!!!


  • Pray for Tim as he returned from Mongolia with Bell’s Palsy. He is slowly recovering!
  • Pray for churches to understand their role in the great commission and their responsibility of sending out laborers for the gospel.
  • Pray for the Howards as they facilitate the renovation process in Millbury, MA.
  • Pray for the Kinneys in Millbury as they ‘feed the sheep’.
  • Please be praying for our travels going west this year as we continue to develop relationships with our new missionaries and their sending pastors.
  • Please be praying for the Sharratts as they strive to equip the saints in Camden, NY.
  • Pray for Tim to have wisdom as he trains disciples, encourages and counsels the missionaries he cares for in their ministries.
  • Continue to pray for spiritual growth and development of commitment in the church plants and revitalization works.


  • Praise the Lord, Tim returned safely from Mongolia – we will have more about that in our next letter!
  • Praise the Lord with us for the unity of the church body at Pinecrest as they undergo the building renovations.
  • Praise God for the encouragement of the sending church pastors of our missionaries who have agreed to meet us.
  • Praise Our Almighty God with us for the safety He has given us in all our travels.
  • Continue to Praise God that we have the health and strength to serve Him in all our journeys.
  • Praise that we serve a Risen Savior!

SALT – Senior Adults Living Triumphantly – BCP Retirees

  • Jack Farley – Jack is having lots of trouble with his eyes with macular degeneration in both eyes, but otherwise he has good health. He praises the Lord that his girls are still faithfully serving the Lord.
  • Tom and Nancy Farlow – Tom and Nancy and seven of their children and grandchildren are getting ready to travel to Brazil where they served for many years. They will leave June 18th. Tom will be heading back to Brazil in November to teach a module on church planting in a Brazilian seminary and be their graduation speaker as well.
  • Corabelle Baker – Corabelle was able to avoid the flu this winter and only suffered from some sinus infection and coughing. Now that the weather is nice again, she is able to be out visiting the shut-ins in her area. She continues to wait for a place in senior housing to open up for her, but in the mean time she enjoys living on her own.