Pastor to Pastor
Article 1
September 2012

I am starting a new writing ministry that is primarily directed to pastors.  I served as a pastor for twenty-eight years, service that I loved immensely.  I call this “Pastor to Pastor,” because my heart is still a pastor’s heart.  I want to share with brothers who are called to the same ministry and who I know face challenges in their daily ministry and personal lives.  I want this to be both an encouragement and a challenge mentally.  Because I travel extensively in this Baptist Church Planters’ ministry, I get to see a lot of churches, and my observations are both positive and negative.  Through these experiences, I will be writing about both pitfalls to avoid and mountains worthy to climb.

I will at times ask other pastors to write something that I feel will be helpful.  I am open to suggestions or questions needing answers that might come from an article.

At other times, an article will highlight something I have read that has been helpful.  At this very time, I’m reading a new book sent to me from Zondervan called, “Spiritual Influence,” by Mel Lawrenz.  It is well worth buying.  It is available at

Many years ago Dr. Charles Wagner encouraged me to write.  I’m not a writer and not good in English, but I took his challenge seriously and started to write a “Pastor’s Pen” each week on the back of the bulletin.  It was a good exercise or discipline, and now one I don’t mind.  I challenge you to do the same.

Finally, I encourage you to look in the book of Acts and find how many times the resurrection is mentioned (or raised up) and look at the context of the subject.  I am convinced that the disciples/apostles were empowered by the resurrection, and we should be also.  HE IS ALIVE.