I was given a book last year called “The Valley of Vision.”  It is a book of prayers from the Puritans.  It has blessed my soul.  I bought one for each of my children and also my pastor.  I read just one a day, but how rich and deep is each prayer. 

Our staff has been on the road having significant ministry opportunities.  I was recently atPleasant HillBaptistChurchinSmithville,Ohio.  The church sits out in the country.  The odor from the surrounding farms is refreshing if you are a “country boy” like I am.  The church defies logic.  It is not near any village or town.  It isn’t easy to find.  Yet, this church runs over five hundred on any given Sunday.  I preached on the obedient servant of Abraham who went for the bride and brought her home.  Two couples came forward to give their lives to ministry in any way the Lord would want to use them.  Wow!  Last year the church sent their associate pastor and eighty people to form a church body in a neighboring village.  This is a mission-minded church. 

If a church has a “kingdom mindset” it will seek to grow and keep everyone there.  If the church has a “mission mindset” it will seek to train each believer so they can be sent out to start other churches.   What mindset does your church have?

Keep praying for doors of ministry to be open.  Only God calls and enables church planting.